Mercedes 170 S Convertible

Mercedes 170 S Convertible W136 from 1951 in green for sale

Exterior: I think the the Mercedes 170 S Convertible is one of the most beautiful cars from this time period. And the solid green colour is very suitable for a vintage Mercedes. The car looks very nice despite some smaller imperfections in the paintwork. On this Mercedes, you cannot find any rust bubbles. The soft top is almost new and looks good. Nice chrome, glass etc and the car looks very elegant on the road. I like the thin white wall tyres. However, they can be turned if you prefer to have them solid black.

Interior: The 1950 Mercedes 170S Convertible has a wonderful grey leather interior and grey carpets. Instruments look nice and do their job.

Engine: The Mercedes W136 170S use a four cylinder that produces just over 50 horsepower. But for some reason, you still do not feel there is a need for more power driving these cars. And the reason for that is the torque. The W136 motor starts very easily and has a healthy sound. Shifting through the gears is easy. However, the brakes on this 170S Cabriolet will need to be looked over before she is put back in traffic.

History: This Mercedes 170S Cabriolet was sold new here in Sweden back in 1951. It comes with original spare wheel and tools. Also, a very nice original handbook and the original spare parts book. This W136 Mercedes 170 S Cabriolet was restored by an older man a long time ago. Therefore, the condition of this car should be looked at from that perspective. I think if you are on a small budget and know how to tinker in the garage, this is the ideal car for you.

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Model:170 S Convertible
Body Style:Convertible
Transmission:4-Speed Manual
Manufactured in:Germany
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