Maserati Merak SS 1977

Klassisk sportbil säljes: Maserati Merak SS 1977

I en Maserati Merak hittar man samma V6a som i en Citroen SM. I modellerna innan 1976 I sig även av Citroens instrumentbräda. I just detta exemplar av Maserati har motorn förfinats något med extractktorgrenrör och ett rostfritt avgasrör som ger ett skönt ljud till denna sportbil. SS betyder att det är en lättare bil med mer hästkrafter. (220hk)
Bilen är i stora drag i bra skick. Finns några små lackskador som vi eller den nya ägaren ganska grandchildren can rätta till. Original stötfångare fram följer med bilen with original växelspaks knopp. Nya däck fram och framvagnsinställning nyligen utförd. Bilen uppför sig mycket bra på vägen och är en fröjd att köra.

 Maserati Merak SS for sale

This is the lighter and stronger engine version of the Merak giving you 220hp. On this particular car some extra horsepower was added with a header exhaust pipe along with a stainless steel system that gives the car great sound. It is in very good condition except for some very small paint issues. It has recently been fitted with new tires in the front and a wheel alignment was carried out. It now behaves very good on the road and is a joy to drive. The car is on swedish papers and was inspected by the swedish technical controll center june 2011. It was imported from Germany to Sweden about 5 years ago and is now on its second owner here.

The first owner in Sweden did a lot of work on the car. Such as replaced all gaskets around the engine. (manifold, valvecovers etc) adjusted valves, new exhoust, all bushings replaced in the front and rear end. New hydraulic pump and more. There is some old reciepts for replacement of syncro rings in the gearbox. The car is now on its second owner in Sweden. We do not know anything of the history before the car came to Sweden. Some small details that are missing on the pictures (front bumber, correct wheel center, gearknob) are with the car.

Maserati Merak SS para la venta

Maserati Merak SS, la versión con el ligero y fuerte 220 CV engine. The Maserati tiene un sonido muy bueno y un poco más CV causado por un escape de acero fino. El coche está en una condición muy buena aparte de unos pocos defectos en la pintura. Nuevos neumáticos por delante y el carril está ajustado. It is in the calle and the divertido.

Sports car for sale: Maserati Merak SS

Maserati Merak SS, the version with the lighter and more powerful 220 hp engine. The Maserati has been tuned a little by a stainless steel exhaust system and thus gets a better sound.
The car is in very good condition except for a few very minor defects in the paint. Was fitted with new tires at the front and the track was set. Behaves very well on the road and is a lot of fun to drive.

At the 1972 Turin Salon, Maserati showed the prototype of the Merak, which went into production the following year. Compared to the Bora, a three-liter V6 was used instead of the V8 engine, which also served in a similar form in the Citroën SM ; the hydropneumatic brake and the oval dashboard also came from the SM. The rear section of the Merak was not glazed, but had a flat bonnetand two webs that ran from the rear roof edge to the rear end. Since the V6 was smaller than the eight-cylinder, there was room for two small emergency seat recesses behind the front seats of the Merak. This archetype of the Merak remained in production until 1976. In 1975 the Merak SS appeared with a stronger three-liter engine, visually recognizable by the black grill grille in the front hood.

In the same year, Maserati launched a two-liter version of the Merak, whose V6 was derived from the three-liter, specifically for the Italian market, where vehicles with a displacement of more than two liters were taxed significantly more. Rear view

In 1977 the Merak received an ordinary hydraulic brake and a more conventional dashboard.

In 1980 the last and also fastest model variant of the Merak, the Merak SS Tipo 80, was manufactured by Maserati. With this Merak, a generously dimensioned, conventional brake system with the brake discs on the wheel carrier was not installed on the differential as before. The engine of the Tipo 80 has a European version of 162 kW (220 hp) at 6500 rpm and 245 km / h V max . Externally, this model was indistinguishable from normal SS variants, but the luxurious and futuristic dashboard / console center tunnel of the Maserati Bora has now been installed in the interior. A total of 65 examples of the Merak SS Tipo 80 were built in about 3 years of construction

The Merak was also exported to the United States ; these versions can be recognized by the more massive bumpers, the side marker lights and a bulge in the bonnet, since the run-flat wheel was not permitted in the USA and Maserati had to install a normal spare wheel for which there was too little space under the regular bonnet.

Merak SS and 2000 remained in production until 1982. This car is located in the south of Sweden, just 30 minutes from Copenhagen Airport. If you are interested in looking at the vehicle, we can also pick you up from the airport. If you want to buy the car you can drive it home or we could arrange transportation for you.

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