Jaguar XJS Le Mans Special Edition

Stunning Jaguar XJS Coupe in Le Mans edition for sale


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The ultimate Jaguar Coupe! The 1991 Jaguar XJS Le Mans limited edition. Every man’s dream has to be at one point in his life be able to say he drives a V12. Here is your chance.

Exterior: To see this Jaguar XJS Le Mans Limited Edition come driving down the street is a jaw dropping experience. Not only since every little detail is as clean as if the car was factory new, but also because of the stunning colour combination. The Solent blue metallic with the magnolia leather interior is so visible through the crystal clear glass. This is one of the 280 cars built and the XJS Le Mans features are these. Please note that this car is as clean underneath as it is on top.

  • Extra extended Autolux leather trim
  • Wilton carpeting
  • High contrast walnut veneer
  • Four spoke leather steering wheel
  • “Le Mans” motifs on headrest and footplates
  • “Growler” bonnet badge in gold
  • Diamond cut 16” Lattice alloy wheels
  • Sport pack suspension
  • Colour coded front spoiler and external rear-view mirrors
  • De-chromed front grille
  • Le Mans badging on the rear and bespoke coach lines

Also, this particular Jaguar XJS Le Mans Special Edition was equipped with original sunroof, power mirrors, heated rear window and a full Jaguar tool kit.

jaguar xjs le mansInterior: The Jaguar XJS Le Mans interior is truly something special! The magnolia leather is absolutely perfect and there is not even a wrinkle to find. All of the interior is super clean and the car still smells like new inside. The beautiful wood panels make a great contrast towards the light leather. The instrumentation is state of the art on their own and everything is working as it should. The trunk area does not even have a stain on the carpet! Intact casing for the battery and underneath a main power switch fitted. Jaguar XJS Le Mans is a coupe, but is still pretty good for space. Depending on how big the driver is, the children can sit in the back. And, still you have a fairly big trunk.

Jaguar XJS Le Mans 39,000km!

Engine: To open the hood on the XJS Le Mans is rather overwhelming. It is a big V12 neatly packed in there. It is today as nice and tidy as it was when the car left the factory. Regular maintenance has been performed since 1991. And the recorded milage today is 39,000km! I do not think I have ever seen a Jaguar XJS from this time period as preserved as this one.

History: I wonder how many Jaguar XJS Le Mans Special Edition were sold new here in Sweden? I suspect this could have been the only one. On the 12th of March 1993 it was registered for the first time. But after the first season, it was traded in with a dealer that sold the Jaguar again in December 1993. The second user kept the car until 2016 and after that it changed hands one more time. So, in total there have been 4 keepers of this car and one dealer. It comes with a Jaguar Heritage certificate and nothing has been changed on the car. It comes with all books and original equipment. The car has never been repainted. Your chance on a super collectable Jaguar from this time period.

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Body Style:Coupe
Manufactured in:U.K

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