Jaguar XJS Convertible

Jaguar XJS Convertible 1990 for sale. White with beige interior.


Exterior: This Jaguar XJS Convertible looks absolutely stunning! I have never see such a well preserved Jaguar before. It is still in the first paint which is very close to perfect! All the chrome details on this Jaguar XJS are still looking like new. And, I will go on with the soft-top in black that is also flawless. The BBS style wheels look very good on a Jaguar XJS Convertible. Most cars I like better are in European format, but the Jaguar XJS looks very cool with those twin headlights. OK, I could be without those side markers but that is the price you have to pay, if you want to have such a clean and 100% original car.

Interior: The beige Jaguar XJS interior goes very well with the white exterior. And, that is important in a car that is supposed to have the roof down most of the time, even if I personally think that the car looks better with the roof up. Jaguar XJS used some clever materials that still today more than 30 years after the car was built are easy to keep clean. The leather is just perfect and you have a hard time finding evidence that somebody has been sitting in the drivers seat. Not even any stains on the carpets. And, I am sure somebody is thinking since this is a car from Texas, that the dashboard will have been toasted and has cracks. But not so, it is absolutely perfect! Just like the wood panels and all other levers and switches. In the trunk area, it is just as nice and there you will find spare and original tools in its bag.

Jaguar XJS Convertible in first paint

Engine: The Jaguar XJS convertible V12. Well, what can I say? It is probably the smoothest engine you will find in a car from this era. This car has been resting for a few years. It starts right up and sounds perfectly fine. However, it is due for a proper service before it gets back into duty. The same goes for brakes that need service and the tyres have plenty of thread but most likely old. Gearbox is shifting nicely.

History: This stunning Jaguar XJS Convertible came from Texas USA around 2005 to Denmark. But in Denmark the taxes for such luxury classic were too high, therefore the car has been resting in dry storage waiting for the right age to enter. All taxes have been paid to EU but it has never been registered in EU yet. In most European countries, it is a registration fee in the region of 300 Euro.


Body Style:Cabriolet
Manufactured in:U.K

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