Jaguar C-Type

Jaguar C-Type replica for sale

The Jaguar C-type gets a lot of attention wherever you go. I guess for the reason it is so beautiful, but also for the reason it is loud. It is a true sportscar and was built in very limited numbers between 1951-1953. Just over 50 cars and the C stands for competition. With a tubular frame and an aluminium body, it won the Le Mans at more than one occasion. Since original production was so low, several companies have made reproductions of the Jaguar C-Type. And this is one of them.

Exterior: This car was built by Heritage Engineering in U.K. in 1987. It has been used and looks today like a very authentic Jaguar C-Type race car from the period it was built. There are a few scratches and the frame is chipped here and there.

Interior: The bucket seats are now worn to perfection, it was covered with carpet inside when it was built and this gives a softer feeling.

Engine: Correct 3,8l block with triple Weber’s gives this classic race car almost a scary performance. Very dependable and easy to use also in normal traffic. Incredible sound when it comes through the revs.

History: Built in 1987 by Heritage Engineering and was sold off to France for some years and then returned to the U.K. before finding its way to Sweden in 2016. This car has a very large history file that goes all the way back from when it was built in 1987.

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