Gregoire 1908

Gregoire 1908 for sale

Automobiles Grégoire was a French car manufacturer, established in 1902, that operated for about twenty years in the early 20th century. The company was the creation of Pierre Joseph Grégoire (1876 – 1962).

Established on the Boulevard Devaux in Poissy, Grégoire started off by manufacturing engines in 1903. But in 1904, the company started to manufacture automobiles. The design was easily recognizable by its pear-shaped radiator. The company made cars with single, two and four-cylinder engines. In 1911, a six-cylinder and a four-cylinder sleeve-valve engine were also produced. The Grégoire company never sold a lot of automobiles. In 1913, only 500 cars were made.

After World War I, Grégoire introduced its first car with an overhead-valve engine. Although the engine was only 2.3 litre, the car could reach up to 62 mph (100 km/h). The manufacture of this model was expensive, and it had disappointing financial results. In 1923, Grégoire only produced engines for the Bignan company. Grégoire closed its factory down in 1924.

Exterior: This car has the exact right amount of patina that you want to have on a car from this age. All of the brass parts can of course be polished up further when one has time in garage during the winter. The golden color on all details goes so well with the white. When standing there looking at it, you just have to climb up into that driver’s position. It looks so comfortable, and it is! Put your hands on that nice big steering wheel and admire all the details in the instrumentation. What you see is what you get! There is only one little box behind the seats where you can leave your leather hat and goggles.

Motor: Once you have gone through the right starting procedure, it starts right up with one or two turns with the handle. Shifting gears without a grind takes a little practice, cars from this era is something you drive, not ride.

The car can be seen in Saxtorp, Sweden by appointment, and we will be happy to assist if you are coming by air to Copenhagen airport.

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