Fiat Dino 2.0

Fiat Dino 2.0 1968 for sale
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Fiat 2000 Dino for sale

The Bertone Design studio did some amazing cars during the 60’s and it is not hard to see the relation between the Fiat Dino, the Iso Grifo, and perhaps Alfa Romeo Montreal.

Exterior: This car was completed in 2018 and the paintwork is absolutely perfect. The stainless steel bumpers have been polished and look like new again. All other chrome details have either been redone or bought new. Rolling on fully refurbished Chromodora wheel and new tyres. Underneath the car was completely cleaned, all parts were sandblasted, powder coated and fitted again with new joints and dino for sale

Interior: On the inside of the car there are still a lot of original parts. But carpets, rubber in doors, windows etc are new. All instruments are beautiful and working as they should. A time period correct radio. Original seat upholstery.

Engine: Disassembled and checked. Put back together and fitted with new gasket and service parts. Runs and sounds very good. 5 speed gearbox that shifts perfectly.


History: This car was registered for the first time here in Sweden on the 21st of January in 1969. First owner had the car for 10 years. The last Technical Inspection was in 1981 and the car was put away during this time and during 2017-2018 it was restored to what you see here today.

If you live in Sweden and you want to sell your Fiat 2000 or 2400 Dino. Please contact me

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Body Style:Coupe
Transmission:5-Speed Manual
Manufactured in:Italy

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