Fiat 2100 "En Plein" Vignale

FIAT 2100 Vignale Coupe 1961 for sale

This is a Fiat 2100 En Plein Vignale from 1961. I think there are only a handful cars like this left in the world today. It is very difficult to find a production number, but I do not think more than 10 cars were built. Some say no more than 3 in this configuration!

Vignale was an Italian coachbuilder between the years 1948-1973 when it was sold to Ford.

Vignale designed and built cars, usually low volume variants of the main production cars. Most people have never seen a car like this. Some people would say it is ugly, and some would say it is a design masterpiece. I would have to agree with the latter, perhaps since I like cars so rare that you can be 100% sure you will never meet another one when you are out driving!

The platform for this car was a Fiat 2100 saloon car and from there it is a bespoke body and interior. The hood and trunk are aluminium and the rest of the body is made from steel.

The motor is a straight 6 cylinder unit with 2100cc, but this car has today the slightly bigger 2300cc engine with double Webers that give it 120hp. This engine has covered 10,000km and was factory new when it was installed. The original 2100 engine is fully rebuilt and comes along with the car as a spare.

The total travel today is 118,000km and this is fully documented. Original service book is with the car and lots of other documentation through the years. It was owned by one family from new and this family was the owners of a dealership, so this car was always properly maintained and used carefully.

And for this reason it is still today in a very good condition. It was repainted some time along the way. It is not a show paint but it is very much in harmony with the overall condition of the car.

Early rust protection and always dry storage have saved it from rust.

It is very easy and comfortable to drive. It does have a backseat and therefore can seat 4 people in total even though it is small in the back.

The car is very original! Perhaps the most original in its existence and this may be the car used in Vignale’s commercial photo of this model, since it is in the same color scheme. The car is white and has dark blue stripes on the sides, blue roof and blue rims.

The dark blue cloth on the seats is still the original, even though it is slightly sun faded today. The original rubber mats on the floor and in the trunk.

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