Ferrari 308 GTS 1978

Ferrari 308 GTS Carburettor model from 1978 for sale

The Ferrari 308 GTB and GTS came around in 1975 and were manufactured for years. There were many different versions produced and what might surprise many is the first cars were some of the most powerful. The GTB and GTS were designed by Pininfarina, but there was also a 308 GT4 2+2 designed by Bertone sharing the same engine.

Exterior: Stunning perfect red paint and also all black details in perfect condition. All rubber and glass are in very good condition. This is a very clean Ferrari 308 GTS!

Interior: Very nice black leather with red carpets. The little levers for choke, heat etc are so beautiful in these early cars and add the feeling of owning a classic Ferrari. Everything inside the car has a very original feel to it. Original tool bags in the trunk and original spare wheel in the front. In the front also a main power switch with easy access, when you want to park it for the winter. An exclusive time period correct stereo with cassette is fitted, should you feel tired of the tunes coming from the twin exhaust in the back.

Engine: Starts right up and runs very smoothly with good oil pressure. A real pleasure to drive as soon as it is warmed up and shifts perfectly.

History: Imported to Sweden in 2010 from Italy and had 1 owner since.

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