Datsun 260Z 1974

Datsun 260Z 1974 for sale.
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Datsun 240Z 260Z 1974 for sale

I have always loved the shape of the Datsun 240, 260 and 280. It is a little bit like a Japanese E-type, but a lot cheaper and perhaps a little better.

Exterior: That very cool orange red suits a 70’s sportscar. The paint is good, but not perfect. This is a car for daily use and in a perfect state to just go and have fun. And to me, it certainly looks like fun from the outside with that new set of wheels. This is a California car, so the body is in a very healthy state for a 260z

Interior: Recently fitted with new carpets, new door cards and the rest of the interior is in a very good original condition. Underneath the carpets, it is dusty dry, no rust and all original. Rare find indeed. Another cool thing is that this car has original AC to keep you cool during those toasty summer days. And still very good heat for those October days when you go roaring through the forest making those leaves spin behind you.


Datsun 260Z had 167hp and five speed gearbox

Engine: Perhaps the best part of this car is that wonderful straight six and the sound it makes going through the rpm curve. The engine in this car is kept very stock and it feels very well maintained over the years. Engine is nice and clean and just had an oil change. The 5-speed gearbox has very firm feel and the final drive has a normal sound. The nice thing is that this is a late 1974.5 model when the 260Z came with 167hp in original state. This car had in original state giant safety bumpers, but we have put it on diet and think it looks much better today.

History: Sold new in California USA back in October 1974. Came to Denmark when on the 8th of July 2017. It came to Denmark with the daughter of the first owner. And in 2019 it came to Sweden. It comes with the original Datsun case containing the original handbook, service book and collected history from USA, Denmark and Sweden. The car has a very untouched feeling to it except the wheels, sportier exhaust and the bumpers. (Original parts along however). I think the reason I like this car so much myself is that it has the looks and performance of many far more expensive cars. It is rare in my parts of the world and it is a little bit of a rebel fighting the European sportscars from that era. Keep in mind that this was during a time when most people were laughing at Japanese cars and saying the have poor performance, and were of bad quality. And I think the Datsun 240Z and 260Z were some of the first cars to change that thinking.

If you live in Sweden and have a Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z that you want to sell, please contact me.

Another cool 240Z from Sweden here in a video

Body Style:Coupe
Transmission:5-Speed Manual
Manufactured in:Japan
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