BMW M5 E34 Touring

BMW M5 E34 Touring from 1995 with six speed gearbox. Perfect youngtimer classic

With the BMW M5 E34, it was the first time BMW built the station wagon on the 5 series. This was during a time when Audi had their RS2 and Volvo were trying their best with T5 R. A fast kombi was very much in trend and I think they are very much back in trend now.

Exterior: The BMW M5 E34 Touring has a very nice paint. And, it is in the original colour Cosmosschwarz metallic. It is the kind of colour that changes depending on how much light you put on it. Rolling on new style 37 wheels from BMW and good tyres. Fitted with adjustable suspension ride height and springs from H&R. You can see some very minor traces of use on the outside of the car. This M5 Touring also has Nürburgring package from factory. Package features: Driver switchable suspension. Switch to change from program to sport. Wheels widths 8″ front 9″ rear. Thicker antiroll bar.

Interior: The BMW M5 E34 Touring interior from this period has an amazing quality and as you can see, this car is no exception. Everything inside this car is almost like when it left the factory. All switches and buttons etc are intact. Everything is working inside the cockpit and the black leather is nice and soft. The cool thing is that you have two sunroofs! So, when the kids in the back want to feel the wind in their face, but you as a driver do not, it is no problem at all in the BMW M5 E34 Touring.

Engine: A M5 E34 Touring had 340hp from the factory. It runs very smoothly and the engine is very dry. All other technical details such as gearbox, brakes and final drive feel and sound normal. Please note that this is the M5 with 6 speed gearbox. The speed stop at 250km/h has been removed if you should be in a rush some day to work.

History: Imported from Germany to Sweden in October 2004, but registered first in April 2005. It had 3 owners here and the last owner had the car from 2007. It has a good service history from the time in Sweden. From the time in Germany I do not know so much, and for that reason i can not verify the km reading on this BMW. What is indicated in the advertisement is what i can read from the car. The last invoice from June 2020 was for service and maintenance. Replacing some gaskets and joints to a cost in the region of 2000€. Brake pads front and rear are new 2020-06. Also handbrake pads and tyres are new.  Original BMW handbook and prospect. The E34 M5 is the very last hand-built M model. Built at BMW Motorsports Department. First registration date in Germany 1995-05-02.

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Model:M5 Touring
Body Style:Station wagon
Transmission:6-Speed Manual
Manufactured in:Germany
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