BMW M3 E30 1986

1986 BMW M3 E30 for sale

The first version of BMW M3 also referred to as E30 is an icon from the 80’s. If you are in my age, you have seen them go around the race track many times being chased by Mercedes 190 Evolution.

The difference from M3 E30 and later cars is that even the novice can tell there is something special about this car just by looking at it. There is no doubt in my mind that every serious BMW collector will have a first generation BMW M3 in their collection.

Exterior: The car was painted 3 years ago and is still today looking very nice. There is no scratches, stone chips or parking dents to be seen anywhere. Also all glass and rubber seals in very good shape.

Interior: Here, the quality of BMW leather is obvious! This car has almost 200,000km and inside it still looks like new! All equipment in cockpit has normal functions.

Engine: The engine starts right up and has a very healthy and sporty sound. The performance is spectacular and once you start driving, you do not want to go home! You just want to find some more curvy roads with a lot of braking and acceleration.

History: This BMW came to Sweden in 2003. It is a year model 1986 but was first registered in May 1987, and 1987 was the first year BMW started to sell the M3 in Sweden. As you can see in the pictures, this car is not strictly original, but most of the original parts are with the car. The car is today in its birth colors, inside and out.

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