BMW 502 Barockengel 1958

BMW 502 3.2 Barockengel 1958 for sale


BMW 502 3.2l 1958 for sale

Exterior: Any car from this time period looks amazing in black with the flowing lines and the sharp contrast between all the chrome and the shiny deep paint. This car was repainted some 20 years ago and it still looks amazing today. The chrome is in very good condition just like all rubber details and glass. Rolling on good tyres with a thin white stripe. Great panel fit.

Interior: A very nice burgundy leather on the seats and doors, together with a carpet in the same colour. Just beautiful wooden dashboard and look at those instruments! Just gorgeous! A very nice original headliner. This is a very nice and roomy saloon that can take up to four people very comfortably and fast considering this is a car from 1958.

Engine: Perhaps the best part with this BMW 502 is when you push that start button and hear that rumble from the V8. It sounds incredible and this particular car is so smooth and comfortable to drive. The shifter on the steering is very smooth and easy to shift. Otherwise normal sound from engine and backwards to the end of the car while in motion. Please also notice this is the bigger 3.2l version with 120hp. Only the Super version was stronger.

History: This wonderful BMW 502 was sold new here in Sweden back in 1958. The early days of this BMW were not documented, but I first came in contact and bought this car in 2011. At that time this car just came out of a major restoration. It just needed to be completed and then I sold it to a customer that has used the car over the years and even more perfected it to a very dependable sound classic car.

Body Style:Sedan
Transmission:4-Speed Manual
Manufactured in:Germany
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