BMW 3.0 CSi E9


The increasingly popular BMW E9 here in the form of a 3.0 CSi. This means it has the fuel injected engine producing 200hp. This was a lot back in 1974 and it would take a Porsche Carrera to keep up on Autobahn.

Exterior: The Karmann body is just gorgeous and in this original turquoise colour the BMW 3.0 CSi really stands out. This is a car that came from Italy with a healthy body and had a light restoration with a repaint in Switzerland by BMW Richog and Fils Vionnaz. This was in the region of 1995-1996. It has been used and some minimal ware can be seen. All exterior chrome and aluminium details are very close to perfect.

Just like the big clear glass and all rubber trim. I think people often underestimate what difference tires make(not only in performance), but the look it gives the car. And the Michelin XWX 205/70 VR 14 is just the right tire for the BMW E9 3.0 CSi. And this car even has the original cover plate underneath the engine. You can also see on pictures that the car has a level and perfect ride height.

Interior: The BMW cars from this time period where built for driving. The black leather seats are super comfortable both in the front and for the kids in the back. Leather interior is just beautiful just like all wood panels. All instruments are in perfect working order. Looking inside it is hard to believe this BMW 3.0 CSi is from 1973! All small details like the stainless plates on the sills stepping in to the car is like new.

bmw 3.0 csi e9BMW 3.0 CSi E9 up for sale in Sweden

Chrome around the seats etc etc. If you for some reason should get tired of listening to the straight 3l straight six singing for you, there is a modern radio with speakers fitted on top in the back. Original loop style carpets inside in very good condition. Also all of the grey panels in the trunk are in lovely condition and free from cracks. A full set of tools, the original jack and spare.

Engine: During the restoration in Switzerland the BMW CSi 3.0 received a new engine block. This was at km 131.580km. In 2012 a five speed Getrag was installed. This car has over the recent years been mechanicly spoiled. Front and rear has been rebuilt, steering box rebuilt, new Bilstein shocks. Regular oil changes over the years. This car runs absolutely perfect today and with the 5 speed gearbox you are cruising in 140km/h at just 3400rpm. The handling of the car is amazing even at high speeds.

History: This BMW 3.0 CSi was bought by the present owner in November 2011. This is a car that has been used but also been taken extremely well care off. Regular maintenance and upgrades every year. It was sold new in Italy, then came later on to Schweiz. In September 2016 it was registered here in Sweden. Now with E.U papers it can be registered anywhere in E.U without having to pay tax. This is a BMW E9 in the original colour Turquoise metallic 065. Power windows front and rear. Comes with original handbook and a owners logbook of all work that has been done. Today the total travel is 169.000 and the next owner does not need to do anything except for driving away with a big smile.



Model:E9 3.0 CSi
Body Style:Coupe
Transmission:5-Speed Manual
Manufactured in:Germany
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