BMW 2002 Automatic

BMW 2002 Automatic 1973 for sale

Exterior: Nice paint in the original “Agave green”. Nice chrome, sandblasted and painted wheels with new tyres. Personally, I like the BMW 2002 best from behind with those round taillights. All rubber on the car is in great condition just like all chrome parts. On the roof it has a glass sunroof to open for those hot summer days.

Interior: As you can see in the pictures, this BMW 2002 has a very special interior. At first, I was not a fan, but I have to say it is so nice to sit in! The instrumentation and dashboard are just perfect. Previous owner installed some special features and I have decided to leave them in the car. For example, the car has an econometer, so you learn how to do more eco driving. There is an extra battery in the trunk and power for your 12v coffee machine when you are out on meetings. When you drive home, there is a switch to charge up the battery again. A nice classic radio for the long drives.

Engine: Works wonderfully and has great power. I have to say that I have come to an age where I think it is just wonderful if a classic car is automatic, if it is a good automatic gearbox. And, the one in the BMW is just fantastic. The car starts easily and handles nicely on the road.

History: Sold new here in Sweden in February 1973. Traded in with a dealer 1986 and sold a few days later. That second owner thought it was time for a restoration of the BMW. The car was in the workshop for a few years and back on the road in 2008. It has been with the same owner from 1986 until January 2021 when I bought it. It went through Technical Inspection October 2020 and does not need to be inspected in Sweden anymore.

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Body Style:Sedan
Manufactured in:Germany
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