Bentley Turbo R

Bentley Turbo R 1996 for sale


This is the last version of the Bentley Turbo R.

Exterior: Painted a few years ago in Blue diamond silver and has today still perfect paintwork. And the colour combination with the wild berry interior is amazing. Every detail on the outside of the car is just perfect. Wheels have been refurbished and fitted with new tyres. Gets a lot of road presence!

Interior: Bentleys name of the interior colour is wild berry and it is a very suitable name. The interior of a Bentley Turbo R is probably what is most appealing to me. When you have opened that big solid door and sat inside, you immediately feel that quality craftmanship that cars are lacking today. You will not find and cheap plastic in this Bentley and you do not need to go anywhere, just sitting inside is a pleasant experience. Everything works and it is hard to believe this car is getting close to 100.000 driven miles. It still looks like new inside.

Engine: Looking at the extensive service records on this car makes you understand why it still feels like a new Bentley. Engine runs great and the gearbox is doing what gearboxes should do without a noise and the same for the final drive.

History: Imported from U.K where it had two owners. It came to Sweden on a cold February day in 2007. In Sweden the first owner was the importer Rhodins in Trollhättan. The owner’s history is documented, and the last two owners known by us. So, in Sweden the car was always in the hands of collectors and true Bentley enthusiasts that understand what it takes to maintain such a car. The car comes with a very impressive documents file that dates all the way back from the very beginning in U.K. All work done to the car has been done by Bentley specialist workshops.

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Body Style:Sedan
Manufactured in:U.K
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