Bentley 1928

1928 Bentley for sale


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Bentley 1928 for sale

Exterior: This old Bentley has a wonderful patina inside and out. This is the kind of car you have to see in real life to understand. I felt a little bit like when I saw an elephant for the first time. It was so big and intimidating, but then you realize it is kind and beautiful despite the incredible power it possesses. The big and expensive tyres are in great shape and they are the same type all around the car. The cover for the convertible looks a little weathered and there are some stone chips on the rear fenders and that just adds to the charm of such car. It is a car that has been and should be used.

Interior: The interior breathes the same kind of charisma as the outside. The green leather is soft and has most likely been replaced some time many years ago. Instruments are beautiful and in working order.

The engine in this car has been upgraded from the 6.5l to an 8l. Producing around 200hp. The original block is still with the car. Everything underneath the bonnet looks neat and tidy. The car starts easily and sounds healthy.

History: This is a well-known car in the Bentley Gentlemen Drivers Group and has participated in many big rallies all over. It came to Sweden in 2019 and will be sold with Swedish documents.

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Model:Speed Six
Body Style:Convertible
Transmission:3 speed
Manufactured in:U.K
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