Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 GT

For sale: 1969 Alfa Romeo Giulia GT with TS engine

Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Junior for sale

Exterior: I think this is one of the coolest Alfa Romeo GT Bertone coupes I have seen in a long time. I would like to point out right here that if you are looking for an original Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 GT, you should hit the return button immediately. This is something completely different.  It is and looks absolutely stunning from the outside. A perfectly balanced ride height is achieved by a road handling kit and some nice GTA wheels in 15”. Bumpers have been removed to achieve more of a race look. (The original bumpers can go with the car.) The quality of the paintwork on this Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 GT is just amazing. And, the colour contrast to the beige interior stands out. I think the yellow headlights amplify the “I wanna go fast look” but there is also a set of clear white along if you prefer that.Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Stepnose

Interior: When you open the door, it looks and feels very fresh. The seat covers and the carpets have recently been replaced and everything else in this Alfa Romeo classic is in a very good original condition. All gauges and those small beautiful flip switches are in perfect condition. Soo are the wood panels and the headliner. And should you ever get tired of listening to that raspy exhaust note, you have a classic working Blaupunkt radio.


Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 1300 Stepnose with TS engine

Engine: Instead of the little Giulia 1300 engine, this car has been fitted with a 2l Twin spark unit from the Alfa Romeo 75, then with some small tweaks like headers and a nice exhaust system that makes this little car sing all the way to Alfa heaven. A five-speed gearbox that shifts perfectly. No whining or grinding. The Giulia GT Scalino is a very light car from the beginning so with this engine the performance becomes rather staggering for a 1969 classic, and a lot faster than a Giulia GT 1600.

History: This Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 1300 was registered for the first time on the 8th of December 1969 here in Sweden. The first owner kept the car until 2002. After that, it changed hands a couple of times and has been in present ownership for about two years. Comes with a binder supporting all the fantastic work that has been done to it. If you want to drive a classic Alfa Romeo with performance like many modern cars, then this is the car for you.

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Make:Alfa Romeo
Model:Giulia GT
Body Style:Coupe
Transmission:5-Speed Manual
Manufactured in:Italy
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