Chassi number collection

It is getting more common with brand/model databases or registries. Some person starts a website where people who want to get their car famous can list their car with chassi number, pictures etc. And many times the owner of the website is actively seeking out cars advertised for sale in order to fill up their database. Some of these later on charge customers who want to have access to their database!

But also many internet crooks ask for chassi number and copies of registration documents. They then steal the pictures from the website where the car is advertised and then advertise the car on another place, like With these pictures and copies of registration they appear as a credible owner of the car, for some naive buyer who thinks ebay will take responsibility when they have sent a lot of money to somebody and never received anything, unfortunately eBay does not do that.

For these simple reasons we will never send you a copy of registration document for any of the cars we have for sale. We will also not tell you any chassi number until we know you are a car buyer and not a chassi number collector. After all the customer that buys our car may not want to have his car on your website. We kindly ask you to respect and understand this. We will be happy to supply you with information from the documents that you may need in order to evaluate if the car is of interest to you.

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