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Veteranbilar sportbilar sökes och köpes

Jag köper din veteranbil eller äldre sportbil. Även hela samlingar av bilar
Veteranbilar sportbilar sökes och köpes

Efter Corona krisen har försäljning av veteranbilar verkligen tagit fart igen. Och om du funderar på att sälja en veteranbil eller äldre sportbil så får du gärna höra av dig.

Köpes just nu: Mercedes 180 och 190 Ponton. W111 och W112 Mercedes 220, 280 och 300 SE coupe eller cabriolet. Mercedes 220 eller 230 fena. Dieselmodeller är dock ej av intresse. Även SL 300 av senare modell samt SL 500 av R107 karossen.

Andra veteranbilar jag söker kan vara svenska klassiker i fint till mycket fint skick. Bilar som Volvo P1800 S eller E, ES. Även Amazon i toppskick köpes gärna och helst en Amazon kombi.

Jag köper gärna hela samlingar av gamla bilar som kan bli efter dödsbon. Veteranbilssamlare har ofta haft många [...]

1962 Mercedes 220 SEb W111 for sale


Exterior: This Mercedes W111 220SEb from 1962 is still to 60% in the first paint.



And everything you see on the outside of the car is original except for the tyres. Chrome parts are still today very close to perfect except a few very small dents. All rubber is still original and in a very good condition. The original seals in doors from this period were special. And, I have never found any replacement rubbers that would have the same softness as the original. On this car, the doors shut easily and still there is no noise from the wind. This Mercedes 220SE fintail is rolling on a set of new Vredestein classic in correct size for the car. Most cars from this time period [...]

Investing in classic cars 2020

Read why i think the Corona crisis will make collector cars go up in value
Why you should invest in classic cars in 2020.

When stock market is down or feels to risky people turn to assets gold, property, art and collectable items. Such as watches motorcycles, classic cars and historic sports cars. If you look at the price of gold during May during 2020 you see what I mean. Investing in gold is fairly quick and easy when you have no more faith in your local currency. Below a graph from K500classic car market

Investing in classic cars, vintage automobiles takes a little more planning and with the current Covid 19 situation some countries may still have some travel restrictions. There is a lot to say about the Corona on its own that I will not cover here.

The government of most countries in [...]

How Corona crisis will affect the classic car market

How covid 19 pandemic will affect vintage car collectors
How Corona crisis will affect the classic car market


corona classic cars

If you are a classic car collector or vintage car dealer out there sitting on a large collection of classic cars right now. Then I am sure you are wondering what is going to happen to the classic car market in 2020.

Owning a number of vintage cars, myself I sat down and started to think about how this would affect my own classic car investments. My crystal ball is unfortunately broken but here is a couple of things to keep in mind.

During the last economy crisis I remember being away on two of the major classic car shows that take place in October in Salzburg Austria Classic Expo and then a week later the biggest collector automobile event [...]

Volvo P1800 Buyers guide

Read this before you buy a Volvo P1800 P1800S or P1800ES
Volvo P1800 buyers guide

I would say the production of the Volvo P1800 can be divided in three series or periods if you like. The first period being the cars Manufactured by Jensen in U.K. The second period will be the S model. And even though many people would like to think that S is for sport, it is actually when the assembly of the cars where moved to Sweden. The last period of the Volvo P1800 would be the Volvo P1800E models divided in P1800E and P1800ES.

1961-1962 P1800 Jensen

The Volvo P1800 where during this period built in England by the Jensen factory and you refer to P1800 Jensen up to chassi 6000. The output was 100hp and if you have ever driven a Jensen car you would agree that these cars feels [...]

It is getting more common with brand/model databases or registries. Some person starts a website where people who want to get their car famous can list their car with chassi number, pictures etc. And many times the owner of the website is actively seeking out cars advertised for sale in order to fill up their database. Some of these later on charge customers who want to have access to their database!

But also many internet crooks ask for chassi number and copies of registration documents. They then steal the pictures from the website where the car is advertised and then advertise the car on another place, like With these pictures and copies of registration they appear as a credible owner of the car, for some naive buyer who thinks ebay will take responsibility when they have [...]

When one door closes….

When one door closes....

So, you would like to come and see my showroom? You are actually here already! Classix has gone from the big luxurious glass showroom open daily to the public, to being a 24-hour online showroom. And cars are shown in person to prospective clients in private by appointment only. Our goal is to continue developing the way we can get you to understand the quality of a certain car. We do not want to waste your time (and ours) to have you go around looking at cars that are not what the seller said they would be. Honestly, not many classic cars are “show cars, councours or mint condition” but they could still be great cars! Our aim is to get all the facts on the table before time and money is invested, so that [...]

Iso Grifo 7 Litri 1969

One of my personal cars is an Iso Grifo 1969. There were in total 413 Grifos made and about 65 of these were 7 Litri. As far as I know this is the only one in Sweden and it has been here since 1976.

I saw a Grifo many years ago at a local car show and since that day it has been stuck in my head. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. The only problem was that the price of these cars increased faster than I could save up money! But then one day I found a car I could buy and that car led me to this one. The lord moves in mysterious ways!

It is not a perfect car, but that does not bother [...]

Padova always delivers and this year was no exception. The only complaint this year is that there were just too many people! Over the weekend, the halls were packed and the people gasping for oxygen. Lots of very expensive cars were sold this year. In the meantime, it seemed like cars up to 15,000€ were not getting sold even though they were reasonably priced.

We had a great time in Padova as usual. Always fun to see so many friends/customers including the friendly and helpful organization of this show. We will be back to the same place next year.





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