Jaguar MKX 1962 | € 29.000

Car Specs:

YEAR: 1962
KM: 92.000
PRICE: 29.000 Euro

Vehicle Overview

Jaguar MK 10 /420G for sale

Step back in time with this spectacular 1962 Jaguar MK10, a true gem from the British car manufacturer's iconic lineup. The MK10, later known as the 420G, boasts groundbreaking innovations like its self-supporting body and individual rear suspension, akin to the legendary E-type. Embracing its status as the widest car in Britain during its era, this elegant sedan commands attention wherever it cruises. And, cruise it does with its 265hp 3.8-litre straight-six cylinder engine found in the early MK10’s. This model was produced between 1962 and 1969 and in 1964 the 3.8 was replaced with a 4.2. This new engine upgrade brought with it the new name, 420G. After this model, all jaguar sedans would come to be called XJ. 

Interior: Slide into comfort and luxury with the MK10's interior, very well preserved in its original glory. Fitted with its original navy blue leather, original carpeting, and original wood trim, the cabin today feels like a time capsule taking you back to 1962. The very well-maintained chrome embellishments in the interior complete the look. With its rear seat stowaway wood tables, you will feel nothing shy of royalty riding in the rear seat of this land yacht. 

Exterior: The MK10 proudly showcases a refined gunmetal gray exterior, radiating a sense of timeless beauty and suiting the body of the car splendidly. All the small chrome details and trim pieces have been thoughtfully preserved, reflecting the care and love this automotive masterpiece has received. However, what is truly remarkable about this car is not what meets the eye at a quick glance. It is what you see when you actually have a look at how well-preserved the body is. It is completely free from corrosion and has had no welding work done to it. Something truly exceptional for this model. 

Engine and Mechanics: Beneath the elegant exterior lies a heart of power - a 3.8-litre engine, delivering a spirited 265 horsepower. Paired with an automatic transmission, this classic beauty glides effortlessly through the streets, offering a driving experience like no other. Recent investments in restoring the brakes, new door seals, new bushings, carburetor tuning, fuel tank restoration, and regular maintenance ensure that this MK10 runs like a dream, ready to embark on new adventures. All the work that has been done is recorded through parts bills and workshop bills. 

History: This iconic Jaguar MK10 started its journey in Sweden meaning it is a left-hand drive example. It has been cherished by a limited number of caring owners, leading to its impressive preservation. Throughout its life, the car has done limited driving. We believe the car to have traveled only 90,000km. This is based on the amazing original condition of the car and also the documentation that comes with it. If you live in Sweden and you have a classic Jaguar that you would like to sell please let us know here.


What makes this Jaguar special?

  • Very early MK X with 3.8l engine
  • Super original and untouched
  • Less than 100.000km from new
  • Recentley serviced and runs beautiful


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