Volvo Amazon 121 B20 1970 | € 28,500

Car Specs:

YEAR: 1970
MAKE: Volvo
MODEL: Amazon
KM: 138,000
PRICE: 28,500 Euro

Vehicle Overview

Volvo Amazon 121 B20 1970 for sale

The Volvo Amazon is for me one of the best classic Volvos. It is a very easy classic to live with, great looks and simple robust mechanics. As with most classic cars from this time period, you just have to find one that is rust free.

Exterior: If you are looking at this car, there is a very big chance that you just like me think this colour is very cool. The name is Middle Blue in Swedish (99) and indeed the colour is very Swedish. It’s the same colour as our flag to be precise. On this Volvo Amazon, about 50% is still in original paint. All glass and chrome details are original and in excellent condition. Your connection to the street is through a newly refurbished original set of steel wheels fitted with proper Michelin tyres. Fitted with original Volvo mirrors.

Interior: The inside of the Volvo Amazon is also spectacular for a car from 1970! The dashboard has been replaced, since these cars had problems with cracking. The instruments light up in bright green when you turn on the lights at night. The Amazon is roomy inside and 4 people can travel comfortably. And still looking sporty with only two doors. The dark blue vinyl is the original and very good. It shows only some very small traces of wear. New original type of rubber mats with textile mats on top. One very neat feature is a set of speakers that are not fitted permanently to the car. Underneath the dashboard you have a little switch, and it connects to your phone. The amplifier is fitted in the trunk. Also, the trunk area is super clean and original. I cannot remember ever seeing such a good and original Volvo Amazon as this one.

Engine: There were some upgrades to the Volvo Amazon during the last two years and one of them was the B20 engine producing 82 horsepower. The second upgrade was the proper brake booster that these cars definitely need. The car starts immediately and runs perfectly. It has always been properly maintained and there is plenty of documentation to show that. Also, gearbox, brakes etc are working today as nicely as when the car was new.

History: The history started on June 17th 1970, when manager, Tage Berntson, bought this Volvo 121 in Gothenburg for the price of 18,420 SEK. The original invoice is still in the documentation, just like the very first registration document. Tage kept his Volvo until 2004 and then it changed hands a couple of times until it came to the last owner in 2008. It comes with a spectacular documentation that also proves that km reading of 136,800 is correct. However, you just have to look at the car to understand that. For sure, it has always been kept in the garage and never driven during winter. A truly stunning example of a 52-year-old car. Original handbook, tools, spare etc.


What makes this Volvo Amazon 1970 special?

  • The blue colour
  • Super original car
  • 138.000km 
  • Full documentation
  • B20 (original) 
  • Sound system

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