Buying a classic car during Corona pandemic

Buying a classic car or a sports car in Corona pandemic from Sweden

The COVID-19 virus is spreading a cross the globe. Every country and person has a different approach and opinions about how to fight it and how to stay safe.

Buying a classic car from a foreign country in such time could be problematic.

However, if you are one of those that planned to buy a classic car but say that you have to wait until the COVID-19 pandemic is over, I think it is time for you to realize that you will never buy any classic car since the Corona virus will never go away. It is here to stay just like HIV. We will have a vaccine one day, and personally I will refuse to take it until I know it is 100% safe. And, that will take many years. There are already and will be more drugs to give you relief when you have contracted the virus. Yet again, the Corona virus will not go away, sorry.

corona classic cars

What can I do as a classic car dealer?

I can provide you as a buyer with as much information as possible in regard to classic car you are buying. Photos, videos and I will be happy to have a video chat via various apps available so that we can go through the vehicle together.

If you are able to travel by car or any other transport to me, I will be happy to show you the classic car in person. Keeping a safe distance and making sure we follow the government guidelines.

What can you do as a classic car buyer?

Go through and evaluate the digital material that you have received from me. If you are not familiar with classic cars or have the knowledge, show it and discuss with an impartial expert.

Buy only from a trusted company.

Be sure to do your research very carefully here. In these times, there are so many crooks advertising cars that they do not have. Look carefully if the pictures have been cropped. Most people post pictures all in the same size. Do research about the person or company to make sure they actually exist. Check their reviews on Google, Facebook and Mobile. What do other people think? Perhaps you know somebody that did business with the person or company before. Perhaps the company sold cars to somebody in your country before and you can get their contact details to speak with them and ask how it went. My company can be checked under Schiebler Scandinavia on Google and Mobile as well as Facebook under Classix by Schiebler.


So, you think you can make a great deal buying a classic car at an auction during Corona pandemic.

There are as many bad auction companies as there are bad classic car dealers out there. Again, do your research properly and read what other people think about the auction company you plan to use. If you have a really bad classic car, I think it has never been a better time than now to send it off to an auction. There seem to be a lot of very naive buyers out there.

Classic car market during Corona. Here are some other things to take into consideration.

The governments around the world are printing more money than ever to stimulate the crippling econmy. Having your money sitting on your account is not a good idea. Look at what happened to the price of gold during the pandemic! Invest in property, art and collectable items, such as watches and of course classic cars. Moreover, I think it helps if you can have fun with what you bought at the same time as it holds and possibly goes up in value.

corona gold price

corona gold price

Keeping distance to other people in your vintage car is easy. No need for public transport and you have something to do in your garage at your spare time.

Another interesting aspect is the classic car impact on the environment. More about that here.’

Check out the classic cars i have for sale here

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