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Volvo P1800S 1965

For sale: Red Volvo P1800S Coupe from 1965 for sale in Sweden

Exterior: This Volvo P1800S for sale looks amazing when it comes driving. Perfect ride height and a very nice paintwork. All chrome details are in excellent condition. All rubber details around the around windows, doors etc are new. Just like much of the aluminium trim on this classic Volvo. It is wearing the original Volvo P1800S wheels with the original chrome rings. This is a very original and untouched car that has never been in need of much welding.

Interior: There is not any classic car out there that has a prettier dashboard when it is lit up at night. The instruments are perfect on this car. Everything works and they are in very good condition also on the outside. The Volvo P1800 leather has just been replaced on the seats and a new carpet has been fitted. Very rare original Volvo seatbelts still intact.

Volvo P1800S for sale

BMW M5 E34 Touring

BMW M5 E34 Touring from 1995 with six speed gearbox. Perfect youngtimer classic

With the BMW M5 E34, it was the first time BMW built the station wagon on the 5 series. This was during a time when Audi had their RS2 and Volvo were trying their best with T5 R. A fast kombi was very much in trend and I think they are very much back in trend now.

Exterior: The BMW M5 E34 Touring has a very nice paint. And, it is in the original colour Cosmosschwarz metallic. It is the kind of colour that changes depending on how much light you put on it. Rolling on new style 37 wheels from BMW and good tyres. Fitted with adjustable suspension ride height and springs from H&R. You can see some very minor traces of use on the outside of the car. This M5 Touring also has Nürburgring package from factory. Package features: Driver switchable suspension. Switch to change from program to sport. Wheels widths 8″ front [...]

Porsche 911 Carrera 1974

Porsche 911 Carrera 1974 in aubergine 025 colour. For sale in Sweden

Exterior: The 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera MFI for sale here was repainted 10 years ago and looks still stunning. The reason could be that the car has hardly been used since it was completed. The Fuchs wheels 7″ front and 8″ in the back are still untouched and original. The real kicker with this car is the aubergine colour! It looks amazing and suits the car very well. It looks very different depending on the light as you can see on the pictures. All rubber and glass details are perfect. Original sunroof and Swedish cars where with ducktail.

Interior: This 1974 G series Porsche 911 Carrera is still wearing the original carpet. Factory sport seats and the rest of the interior is in very good original condition. Beautiful instruments that deliver correct information. Very clean in the luggage compartment up front and with a new carpet set.

911 carrera in [...]</p><div class=

Jaguar E-type Series 3 Coupe

Jaguar E-type Series 3 Coupe 1972 project car for sale in Sweden

This Jaguar E-type series 3 FHC came from USA and the original outside colour was silver and the colour of the interior is light blue. I think it will be great colour combination when the car is restored.

The Jaguar E-type series 3 came to Sweden in 1990 from Pennsylvania USA. Tax and duty have been paid here. There is no more tax when sold to countries in E.U.e-type series 3

Exterior: The Jaguar E-type Coupe project for sale here has a very good and pretty much rust-free body. Where the hinges attach to the hood it is rusty and there is a factory new plate. (the underside of the grill) and also the hinges are new. Also, some other small plates that goes in this are to prevent dirt from the wheels to come into the [...]

Buying a classic car or a sports car in Corona pandemic from Sweden

The COVID-19 virus is spreading a cross the globe. Every country and person has a different approach and opinions about how to fight it and how to stay safe.

Buying a classic car from a foreign country in such time could be problematic.

However, if you are one of those that planned to buy a classic car but say that you have to wait until the COVID-19 pandemic is over, I think it is time for you to realize that you will never buy any classic car since the Corona virus will never go away. It is here to stay just like HIV. We will have a vaccine one day, and personally I will refuse to take it until I know it is 100% safe. And, that will take many years. There are already and will be more drugs to give you [...]

The Fiat 124 Spider has always been very dear to me. I think it is outstanding in its class and price range. Some of the best classic car moments I had was in a Fiat 124 Spider. There were over 170,000 cars produced so they are not exactly rare. However, most of these ended up in America. So, to find a European model in Sweden is rare. The Fiat 124 Spider was not even sold new in Sweden but you could get one through the Danish importer.

Exterior: This Fiat 124 Spider was painted around 15 years ago and still looks amazing. The Fiat has a black cloth soft top in very good shape. And when the top comes down, there is a wind protector. In these pictures, it is rolling on a set of new Volumex wheels and good tyres. There is a choice of 13” inch Chromodora with hubcaps if one should prefer [...]

Ferrari 208 GTB

Ferrari 208 GTB. This was the Italian version of the Ferrari 308

The Ferrari 208 has an identical body to a 308. However, since the tax in Italy was very high on car over 2l, Ferrari decided to make this special version for the Italian market. And, there were only 140 cars like this built!

Exterior: Very nice paint, very straight car with good panel fit. Doors close perfectly. All glass and rubber details are in very good condition. Very sharp looking car from the outside with original low spoiler in the front. And, this was the first year for Ferrari 208 to put the 16” wheels on these cars and they give the car a much better look and ride in comparison to the earlier 15” wheels. Very good tyres in correct size for the car.

Mercedes 300 W186 Cabriolet

Mercedes 300 W186 Cabriolet from 1953 in burgundy for sale

Exterior: The 1953 Mercedes 300 Adenauer Convertible looks absolutely stunning driving down the road. The beige top and interior make a great contrast to the maroon outside colour. The car was never used much after the recent repaint. The convertible top is new and has great stretch to it. All of the chrome pieces have been re-plated and are in like new condition. From every angle you look, this is a very striking car! The underneath has been completely cleaned and then painted with a stone guard paint.

Interior: For me, it is wonderful to see that the inside of the Mercedes 300 Convertible has been more about preservation that restoration. The wood panels were completely refurbished, but the rest of the interior is original. The soft leather was treated and coloured. Looks wonderful, and still showing the age of almost 70 years! The instrumentation in a Mercedes 300 Convertible is very detailed with lots [...]

Fiat 124 Spider

For sale: Fiat 124 Spider convertible 1980 in red
fiat 124 spider
Fiat 124 Spider for sale

Denna Fiat 124 Spider är nu såld, men vi söker Fiat 124 Spider eller Pininfarina 124 Spider. 1600, 1800 eller 2000. Allt av intresse. Jag har sålt många tidigare här i Sverige så kanske någon där ute vill sälja sin bil tillbaka.

En annan bil jag söker är en Fiat 1600 Osca Coupe som denna jag sålt tidigare

Wanted: Fiat 1600 S Coupe, not convertible

fiat 1600 osca

Delar till din Fiat 124 Spider hittar du hos Spider Point

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