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Med hjälp av denna integritetspolicy vill vi tydliggöra och informera om hur vi använder de personuppgifter som du delar med oss. Integritetspolicyn ska ge dig förståelse för vilka uppgifter vi samlar in, varför vi samlar in dem och vad vi gör, respektive inte gör, med dem.

Schiebler Scandinavia AB, 556793-3378, (Schiebler) äger och driver webbplatsen (Bilförmedlingen).

Schiebler är personuppgiftsansvarig för behandlingen av de personuppgifter som du delar med oss när:
– du besöker vår webbplats och accepterar cookies
– du gör en förfrågan, bokning eller anmälan gällande ett fordon
– du har en allmän fråga och/eller kontaktar oss

Vilka personuppgifter behandlar vi om dig?

Vilka personuppgifter som behandlas varierar beroende på i vilket ärende du kontaktar oss och vilken kommunikationskanal som du väljer. Kategorier av personuppgifter är oftast kontaktuppgifter samt ärendet i sig som ostrukturerat material vilket innehåller de personuppgifter som du väljer att dela med oss.

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Aston Martin DBS AM Vantage 1972

Aston Martin DBS Vantage 1972 Six cylinder for sale

This is a very rare model of Aston Martin that not many people know about. It was in 1972 when Aston discovered that they had 70 units of the old 4l six cylinder engines sitting in the back. And since two years they had been using the V8 for the DBS. So these Tadek Marek designed 6 cyl engines were fitted in DBS V8 bodies with some smaller modifications such as chrome spoke wheels and low air intake on the hood.

Exterior: Still in first paint! Yes, it is showing some age, but it is only original once! Original chrome spoke wheels in good condition. All chrome parts in very good condition except the rear bumper that has some surface rust.

Interior: All original, beige leather, carpets etc. in wonderful condition. Nothing was ever touched or tampered with; original radio is also with the car. Equipped with original Webasto sunroof. It has all original tools, [...]


Hand built sports car with classic look

If you are looking for a sports car similar to a Morgan, this is something for you. Here, you have practically a brand new car, looking like a 50s sports car. The project started many years ago when two very clever and enthusiastic men wanted to build their own sports car. They set up a complete production line and named their cars Gordon.

Two cars were produced, but parts are available to build another 8 cars. The molds, drawings, name etc could be sold separately if anyone is interested.

The concept is very much like a Morgan, only a little bit better in my opinion. The Morgans have serious problems with rusting frames. (You may have seen the episode on Wheeler Dealers when Ed replaces the frame on a Morgan.) The Gordon has a fully galvanized frame making sure it will never rust. The power is delivered by a Rover 3,9l V8 and a 5 [...]

Classic for sale

Classic cars automobiles and sportscars for sale
Classic cars for sale Welcome to my classic cars for sale. If you are looking to buy a vintage automobile or motorcycle, Sweden is the place you should start looking. Sweden has a long heritage of collecting historic cars and since the automobile history started, there has not been any war in this part of Scandinavia. The cold climate preserves classic cars, and no salt is used on our roads in the north. To buy a classic car from Sweden could be risky and you should do business only with a trusted dealer offering quality classic cars. Before you buy historic cars from Sweden, check reviews on Google and Facebook. If you are not able to find the classic car you are looking for, please let us know. I search for historic cars here and know many Swedish collectors that sometimes buy or sell cars not offered to the public market.If you have a classic car that you are considering to sell I might be interested to buy it or I can help you sell it on commission, if you live in Sweden or Denmark. Classix sells old cars, vintage cars, European automobiles from the following manufacturers: Bentley

Contact Classix by Schiebler

Classix by Schiebler | Scoutvägen 25 26193 Saxtorp Sweden

Classic car blog

Advice about buying, selling and collecting classic cars

Sold Cars

SOLD Classic cars and vintage sports cars
Classic cars recently sold On this page I list some of the classic cars I have sold recently. If you have a vintage automobile or a collectable sports car you are planning to sell. Similar to the cars that I show here, then please contact me. I can buy your classic car or help you and sell it on commission. Right now I buy only classic cars from Sweden. To see the classic cars I have for sale right now click for sale in the menu.If you want to see pictures and videos of some very cool classic cars you you should check out one of my favourite websites
Visit Our Showroom

Well you are actually in it right now and it is open 24h. The best way to get an overview of our inventory is here in our online showroom. Just click “for sale” in the menu and you will see our cars. Please be sure to make an appointment if you are coming to see a car.

Our Customers Think?

What do our customers think? Trust can only be earned from happy customers. On my facebook page you can read what some of our customers have posted after doing business with us.

Classic Cars Wanted!

Would you like to sell your car? We are always looking for intersting cars to buy. We also take classic cars in consignment. We are interested in classic Ferrari, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Mercedes and other cars similar to what you can find on our website.

Classix by Schiebler Classix by Schiebler is a company offering classic automobiles and sports cars for sa [...]


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