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Ferrari F355 Challenge

Ferrari F355 Challenge with street license for sale in Sweden

Exterior: The Ferrari F355 Challenge had a repaint in 2015 and still looks amazing today. After repainting, the original Challenge sticker kit was fitted. As far back as we can trace this Ferrari, there have been no accidents and all panels are original and fit very nicely on the car.

Interior: When you open the door, you can tell right away that this is not a regular Ferrari F355. Climb in over the roll cage and have a seat in the bucket seat. What is different in this F355 Challenge from others is that it also has a passenger seat. This was taken from a normal F355. Also, you have a handbrake lever. And the reason for these details is that this Ferrari F355 Challenge is also registered in Sweden to drive legally on the road. Other than that, it looks very normal for a F355 Challenge on the inside. There is a main power [...]

Fram King Fulda S7

Fram King Fulda S7 Microcar for sale in Sweden
fram king fulda s7

The Fram King Fulda S7 for sale was a microcar manufactured in Sweden on license from Fuldamobil. The fiberglass bodies were made on the small island of Ven just 10 km from where I live. The cars were then assembled at Fram King bicycle factory in Helsingborg. Then, the factory on Ven burned to the ground and the production stopped after just over 400 cars produced. These Fram King Fulda cars were very popular in Sweden in the late fifties because they could be driven on a motorcycle licence since they only had 3 wheels. This was also the reason the BMW Isetta only had 3 wheels in Sweden.

Exterior: As you can see in the pictures, this Fram King Fulda has had a complete restoration that was completed in 2021. The body was painted, new rubber everywhere and new chrome. It is super shiny and smooth as an easter egg. All parts underneath including [...]

BMW 2002 Automatic

BMW 2002 Automatic 1973 for sale

Exterior: Nice paint in the original “Agave green”. Nice chrome, sandblasted and painted wheels with new tyres. Personally, I like the BMW 2002 best from behind with those round taillights. All rubber on the car is in great condition just like all chrome parts. On the roof it has a glass sunroof to open for those hot summer days.

Interior: As you can see in the pictures, this BMW 2002 has a very special interior. At first, I was not a fan, but I have to say it is so nice to sit in! The instrumentation and dashboard are just perfect. Previous owner installed some special features and I have decided to leave them in the car. For example, the car has an econometer, so you learn how to do more eco driving. There is an extra battery in the trunk and power for your 12v coffee machine when you are out on meetings. When [...]

Jaguar E-type S3 FHC 2+2

Jaguar E-type Series 3 Fixed Head Coupe V12 for sale

A true gentleman never sits behind anything less than twelve cylinders. Well, at least if you are a true classic car enthusiast, you should at least once in your lifetime have owned a car with a V12 engine. It is a special feeling.

Exterior: The Jaguar E-type Fixed Head Coupe Series 3 looks stunning in black with red interior. The paint is just perfect, and all panels fit exceptionally well. The almost new chrome spoke wheels together with all the other very nice chrome make a great contrast to black. A set of fully working fog lights are fitted behind the grill. The Jaguar E-Type Series 3 is longer and wider than the earlier models and it looks a little bit more muscle. The underneath of this car is also in a very good shape. Not even any surface rust to be seen.

Interior: Jaguar E-type Coupe Series 3 came only in 2+2 or Roadster. [...]

Fiat 124 Spider

Fiat 124 Spider 1969 for sale in Sweden

Exterior: The Fiat 124 Spider AS model looks very cool with the flat hood and the grill makes the car look wider than the later models. Very nice paint and rolling on Volumex replica wheels. Soft-top in black is also in great condition. Nice chrome. The car was repainted in 2015 and still looks amazing today. The 124 Spiders were produced from 1967 to 1985.
Interior: New wood panels in original style make such great contrast to the instruments in this car. The carpet has been replaced, but it still has the original seat covers. The age is showing in some places, but still an overall clean looking interior. Nice carpets with the Pininfarina logo. A modern stereo with two speakers.

The Fiat and Pininfarina 124 Sport Spider

Engine: The Fiat 1400cc motor sounds and feels bigger than it is. Head gasket was replaced recently, and a full service was done since the car [...]

Alpina B10 BiTurbo

Alpina B10 BiTurbo 1993 E34 for sale in Sweden

Exterior: Alpina cars are essentially an upgraded BMW. And, if you are looking at this advertisement, I am sure you know all about the cars. Burkhard Bovensiepen started the Alpina company already back in 1965 and is today well known for their quality performance cars. This particular Alpina B10 BiTurbo from 1993 is wearing a special-order colour (Avusblau 276). In November 2018, 80% of the car was repainted and the original Alpina wheels were refurbished and new tyres were fitted. New golden Alpina stripes were also fitted. The car looks absolutely stunning today! This is one of the last 50 cars produced (different grill design). M5 mirrors were fitted from factory. A total of 507 Alpina B10 BiTurbo cars were produced.

Interior: The black water buffalo leather looks like new still. Every little detail inside the car is perfect and it still looks like it has never been used. Since this is one of the [...]

Bentley Derby 3.5l 1934

Bentley Derby 3.5l for sale. Stunning Pre-war classic with overdrive gearbox.

Exterior: My first love with the Bentley brand was driving around in a Bentley Derby 3.5l like this one. I could not believe that such an old car could feel so solid and strong. Most people are just standing there with that long look on their face when you drive by like they are part of an old movie. The colour combination on this 1934 Bentley Derby is just stunning and so is the condition with a very nice deep paint. Just beautiful chrome details with those big P100 headlights. All panels have a very good fit. Wheels and tyres are in excellent condition. The underneath is free from corrosion.

Interior: The interior has had a full restoration at some point and is now just starting to get that wonderful patina back again. The headliner looks good, and the wood panel work is just beautiful. All gauges and levers are working and in excellent condition. [...]

Volvo P1800S

Volvo P1800 S Coupe in red from 1965

Exterior: This Volvo P1800 S from 1965 has had some very good restoration work done to it. The body itself is in very good and healthy state. Unfortunately, the car was stored wrong for some time and paint blisters have developed in some places in the paintwork. Please note that this is not rust. Exterior chrome is nice and the Volvo P1800 is riding on a Minilite style wheel. There is also the choice of original steel rims, both originals and 5.5 rims. Glass and rubber are perfect, and the car has a very nice ride height. Original style mirrors on both sides and aluminium inner fenders guards.

Interior: Very clean Volvo P1800 on the inside with new carpets, perfect door cards and handles. Dashboard and instruments are beautiful. Leather seats in very good condition from model E. Trunk area is super clean with original rubber mat. There is a speaker shelf that can be [...]

Austin Healey 100/4

Austin Healey 100/4 for sale in Sweden. In Florida green
Austin Healey 100/4 from 1956

Exterior: Very nice paint on this early Austin Healey. The name of the colour is Florida green and is the birth colour for the car. Nice chrome, good panel fit and rolling on chrome wire wheels.

Interior: Nice leather seats, instruments looking good. Soft top and side screens are pretty much new. Also a tonau cover is with the car.

Engine: This Austin Healey 100/4 starts easy and runs very nice. Nice clean look in the engine bay. Normal function and sound from the gearbox, overdrive and rear differential.

History: According to the heritage certificate this Austin Healey 100/4 was sold new to Spain and later on sold to America. It later on came back to U.K and found its way to Gothenburg Sweden. The restoration work that had been started by the previous over was completed and the car was registered and put in to traffic here. It later [...]

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