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måndag, 23 mars 2020 05:24

Mercedes 300SE W112 Coupe 1963

Mercedes 300SE W112 Coupe 1963 for sale

The description of this car should be seen from the perspective that it is an unrestored and original car from 1963

Exterior: The paint is nice even parts of it is believed to be the original. Also chrome parts are in very good condition. Windows have never been removed from this car, but rubber is still very good just like all glass. The W112 300SE is to me the best-looking coupe from Mercedes since it sits very low and have that chromed side trim making it look even longer and sleeker. Please note that this is 99% unwelded car! One very small patch was found in the floor otherwise all original.

Interior: Here we have an all original interior that is still in amazing condition. Yes, there is some cracks in the lacquer on the wood panels, and yes, the carpet is a little bit faded from the sun. But the leather is absolutely beautiful, just like all chrome and the instruments. You can truly feel the year 1963 when you sit inside and drive this car. I have had some of the best classic car experiences in a car like this, coming trough the night over the mountains hearing that sweet six humming away km after km. Nice time period correct working radio.

Engine: I am pretty sure the odometer in this car has turned one once, so it has around 150.000km when I am writing this in total. The engine runs very nice and there is no smoke. The car had been standing for some time when I found it. It was parked in 1995 and I started working on it in 2019. All fluids and filters where replaced. The tank was cleaned out properly and new seals where fitted to the fuel pump. A new exhaust pipe where fitted and new rubber doughnuts in the air suspension all around. New water pump and many cooling hoses and clamps are new. The brake system was a big job and all callipers have been rebuilt, new hoses, main cylinder and brake servo. Also clutch cylinder where rebuilt.

History: I am still working on tracking down the history of this car, but it looks like there have been 3 owners over the years. And I have a data card for the car showing that it is in correct colour and with correct engine. The car comes with a binder with all collected receipts for the parts and work mentioned above. A major investment has been made in 2019 to put this car back to its former glory. Comes with original items such as handbook in original plastic pouch, spare, jack and original tools. 

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But before you enquire, check with your wife/girlfriend, check your bank account and measure your garage please.


tisdag, 03 mars 2020 20:21

Mustang GT 500 Shelby Eleanor replica

Eleanor Mustang Shelby GT 500 replica for sale

This is a replica of “Eleanor” the Mustang Fastback that was used in the movie “Gone In 60 Seconds” with Nicolas Cage. If you for some strange reason have not seen that movie, I do not think you will understand this car.

Exterior: Exterior: As you can see in the pictures, this Mustang fastback has been made in to look like the Shelby GT 500 seen in the movie. The car was completed in 2007-2008 and it has not been used much after this. The parts specific for the Eleanor body is in fiberglass, such as wheel arches in the back, air intakes, front fenders, hood, and rear spoiler. Then fitted with original Ford Shelby GT 500 wheels and Avon Tyres. This is a car that gets a lot of attention on road!

Interior: On the inside, classic looking instruments with digital technology from Dakota digits have been used. Stock looking seats and an aluminium centre panel. Wood steering wheel. The rest of the interior is bought as a kit from USA. Seats and door cards are in black leather. There is also a built in 5000W stereo from Blaupunkt with subwoofer and GPS should you ever get tired of listening to the two side trumpets.

Engine: This Eleanor Shelby GT 500 Replica looks very cool, but at the end of the day it is a performance car and it does have staggering performance to match the looks. The 7 litre V8 gives you 495hp and if you need an extra push after that it has NOS to give you an extra 100hp. The engine was built by Spedomotive in USA using a lot of race parts. The automatic transmission is a reinforced 3 speed with 2000 steel converter and a 9” rear axle from Currie with differential lock. Brakes have also been upgraded so you can stop this beast. 13” inch rotors with 4 piston callipers from SSBC Force 10-breakeswith. To handle the power a complete cage has been fitted underneath the car. Fuel tank in aluminum from Unique performance. Elbach springs and the rest of the suspension is from Unique Performance. Reinforced carrying arms from Global west.

History: I guess you can say this car was born in 2008 when the regular Mustang Fastback 1967 was stripped down and built in to what you see here today. Most of the parts on the car were fitted new at this point and the car has not been used much since. It holds today a Danish registration document.

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söndag, 02 februari 2020 19:42

Corvette C5 Targa

Corvette C5 Targa 1999 till salu

Exteriört: I det närmaste helt felfri utvändigt, finns kanske något minimalt stenskott. Aldrig omlackerad. Snygga kromade ekerfälgar med bra däck sitter på och originalfälgar helt nya kan följa med. På dessa bilder har den en avtagbar targa lucka i glas och det finns även den som var original i solid vit. Ställbar fjädring runt om gör att du kan ställa i bilen efter dina egna behov och önskemål. Europa version!

Interiör: Just den här bilen har blivit special beställd från Chevrolet med denna mörkröda inredning som annars är mycket ovanlig för modellen. Som synes på bilderna är bilen även invändigt i ett otroligt fint skick.

Motor: 5.7l V8 med 344hk ger en mycket behaglig körupplevelse. Med automatlådan och vid vardagskörning känns den sig som vilken annan amerikansk bil som helst. Det vill säga väldigt skön och avslappnande. Men när du trycker ner pedalen ryter den till och ger dig en riktigt bra kick. Den har idag ett Borla avgassystem som ger den ett skönt muller. (original finns kvar i stort sett oanvänt)

Historia: Den här bilen har endast haft en ägare från ny som har vårdat och tagit hand om den på bästa möjliga sätt. Den togs i trafik för första gången den 1a Maj 1999 i Sverige och kom då direkt från USA beställd som Europa bil. Den har skötts som ett barn under alla då den stått i uppvärmt garage i pyjamas under vintrarna och har blivit servad efter alla konstens regler. Det finns några fina originaldelar (NOS) som eventuellt kan följa med. Bilen har idag rullat knappt 4300 mil! Och jag tror inte du hittar en finare eller mer unik Corvette C5 i Sverige än denna. 

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måndag, 20 januari 2020 08:03

Jaguar E-type Coupe 1963

1963 Jaguar E-type Coupe Series 1 for sale

The Jaguar E-type is a very photogenic car. It does not matter in what position you point it, it just looks amazing from every angle and specially the early coupe models.

Exterior: Very nice paintwork on this carmen red Jaguar E-type from 1963. All chrome details are in condition like new, and all rubber details are in very good shape. Beautiful chrome spoke wheels with good tyres.

Interior: Very nice and tidy inside with scratch free aluminium panels, beautiful instruments all working properly. Very clean even in the spare wheel compartment. A nice looking time period correct radio.

Engine: As you can see in the pictures, the engine compartment on this car is so clean and tidy you can eat your breakfast on top of it! The inside of the hood, the frame and block are all in fantastic condition and not a drop of oil on the outside of the engine.

History: This Jaguar E-type was sold new in USA and then came for a short time to Holland before it finally arrived here in Sweden. It comes with a Heritage Certificate from Jaguar that shows it still has the very same and correct 3.8l straight six cylinder engine and top that it had when it left Coventry in 1963. This car came to Sweden in 2014 and has been owned and used by the same person since. Nice documentation with receipts also from the time in USA.

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torsdag, 16 januari 2020 18:33

Volvo P1800E 1970

Volvo P1800E Coupe 1970 for sale

The Volvo P1800 is normally divided into 3 classes or variations and the first in the Jensen cars that were built in U.K 1961-1962. Then came the Volvo P1800S in 1963 and the S lasted until 1969 when the Volvo P1800E and ES came about. There were many changes and upgrades along the way and with the E model in 1970 came the fuel injected engine with increased power and a new design of the dashboard and instruments.

Exterior: Perhaps the most attractive colour on a Volvo P1800E is the steel blue (102) with black leather. The paint on this car is very nice. All chrome parts have been rechromed and all rubber details have been replaced. Wheels have been refurbished and fitted with new tyres in correct size. Most of the glass is original and in very good condition. This particular P1800E gets a lot of road presence.

Interior: Inside this classic Volvo just about everything has been replaced or refurbished, and it looks amazing. Wonderful black leather, new carpets and headliner. All instruments are in perfect order and doing their job. Even the original leather straps are in place when you want to strap down your suitcases for those long tours through Europe.

Engine: Engine starts easily and has normal sounds. Engine was rebuilt and has not been driven much since. The engine bay has also been restored and all details look like new again. Gearbox and overdrive are working perfectly.

History: This Volvo P1800E was first delivered to Hungary and has later been passing through Holland to make its way back home to Sweden again in 2017. The car comes with a nice history file with collected receipts from the restoration, original handbook, also including other original accessories such as Volvo spare, jack and tools.

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måndag, 16 december 2019 05:04

Datsun 260Z

Till salu: Datsun 260Z 240Z 1974 

Exteriört: Enligt mig kanske den bästa färgen för en Datsun 260Z. En röd/orange färg som passar en 70tals sportbil väldigt bra. Lacken är i ett skönt bruksskick och man behöver inte vara rädd för att använda bilen. För att vara en Japansk bil från denna tiden så är karossen väldigt sund. Extra utrustad med tidstypiska aluminiumfälgar, men fortfarande med ganska mycket gummi som det var på den tiden.
Interiör: Bilen har nyligen fått nya mattor i hela bilen, och även nya gummilister i dörrar och luckor. På golvet invändigt var det snustorrt och inte ett tecken på rost någonstans. En annan sak som är lite kul med denna bilen är att den har original AC. Vilket gör att man kan använda bilen mycket mer. Man behöver inte dra sig för att åka en sväng de där heta sommardagarna utan det är bara att vrida på lite kyla. Naturligtvis även bra värme i bilen.

Motor: Den underbara sexan som ligger i Datsun 260Z ger dig ett otroligt skönt ljud och att använda stereon är inte att tänka. Det sitter ett lite öppnare avgassystem på bilen idag som ger helt rätt klang och precis lagom högt. Inget brölande, utan bara ett riktigt skönt sportigt ljud. Det fina är att detta är en mycket sent tillverkad 260Z från 1974 vilket gör att motorn lämnar 167 hästkrafter i original. Original satt det även på bilen gigantiska stötfångare som vägde väldigt mycket. Dessa har vi demonterat och finns med om man vill återmontera. Fram sitter en stötfångare från en 240Z.

Historia: Denna bilen blev såld ny i Kalifornien 1974 och den kom till Danmark Juli 2017 med dottern till den första ägaren som flyttgods. Och 2019 kom den till Sverige (registrerad 2020) Det är en väldigt original och välbevarad Datzun 260Z och den har fortfarande sin original Datsun folder med handbok, service bok och kvitton på service, delar etc. Bilen är en personlig favorit som används så ofta väder tillåter. 

Vid intresse kontakta Michael på 0707-658904 eller michael@classix.se 


måndag, 16 december 2019 04:55

Mercedes 280SE 3.5 Coupe W111

Mercedes W111 280SE 3.5 V8 1970 for sale

Exterior: This car had a major restoration in 2009 and at this time the car was taken completely in to pieces. The body was sandblasted and some body parts where replaced. It was then painted in original colour, all rubber on the car where replaced with Mercedes original parts. Chrome parts are in very good condition. At this time there where many new parts fitted to the car. Such and new headlights, new tyres with thin white stripe, carpets etc.

Interior: This car still has the original leather and it is in fantastic condition! The colour is “mulberry” and it is dark red that makes a wonderful contrast to the white exterior. The carpets are new and the wood panels are in beautiful original condition. Seatbelts front and rear, electric sunroof, manual windows and white steering wheel. The trunk compartment is super clean and has the original Mercedes rubber carpet in perfect condition. Original spare and jack.

Engine: The engine has been out of the car, cleaned and refurbished on the outside fitted with new gaskets. This car has only 120.000km from new so no need for internal parts. Many parts on the outside of the engine where replaced or refurbished. Gearbox was fitted with new oil and filter and final drive in perfect state with normal sound. Starts very easy both hot and cold and has very good power. Everything that is electric in the car is working and the wiring looks good. 

History: This car was sold new here in Sweden 1970-06-10. First owner had the car until October 2003 and the second owner Mr Skogström had the car until May 2009 when it came to Mr Loren that had the car restored to former glory. Then i bought the car in 2019 and had all four brake callipers rebuilt, replaced brake hoses and had it serviced. After this I took it trough technical inspection here in Sweden 2020-01 and everything was perfect. It is now in a wonderful condition and I would not hesitate to drive anywhere with this car. And with power steering and automatic gearbox this is a very easy Mercedes classic to drive. If you are looking to buy a Mercedes 280SE 3.5 W111 Coupe you should consider this one.

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lördag, 23 november 2019 17:45

Mercedes 300 Adenauer 1955

Mercedes 300 B W186 Adenauer 1955 for sale

Exterior: Original black paint with an incredible depth. Room and rubber details are very close to perfect. A big black Mercedes like this almost needs tyres with a thin white stripe if you do not like it, these can be turned inwards

Interior: This car has an all original interior in close to perfect condition. I would think that it is very rare to find a Mercedes from 1955 with an original interior in such great condition as this one.

Engine/History: This car that had the licence plate O39409 was bought new in July 27, 1955, by Lundberg Bilstation, a limousine service company in Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden. Customers were large industrial companies and companies in shipping industry in Göteborg. It should also have been used as transport to other national and international celebrities. After 15 years of distinguished service, it was in September 11th 1970 sold to Harry Carlsson. The car had then run 110,000 km. Harry was the owner of Kallebäcks åkeri, a road carrier company in Göteborg which he founded in 1928 and now had developed to a substantial size. His son has mentioned that Harry was very pedantic about the car and maintained it in very good condition. At that time Harry lived in Tvååker south of Göteborg and the car got the licence plate N39409. In 1973, the licence plate was replaced by the new type.

In 1977 Harry passed away and the car that still was in very god shape, as stated by his son, was sold to Alf in Kullavik. The care had now run 205,000 km. Alf was a Mercedes collector and did some work on the car. He has stated that he had a high-quality paintwork done on the car. He had also the chassis thoroughly cleaned e.g. taking old body coat away and painting it.

In October 28, 1995 the car with 209,000 km on the meter, was sold to Ingemar in Ulricehamn. He is a car collector and owner of Ulricehamns Bilexpo, which used to be the local Mercedes dealer.

In October 13, 2002 the car was bought by Stanley in Västerås. It had then 210,200 km on the meter. Stanley is another Swedish car collector.

The present owner, also being a Mercedes collector, bought the car in February 3rd, 2009. The meter then showed 215,000 km. He rebuilt the engine by boring the cylinders and putting new pistons in. The crankshaft was grinded, and all bearings replaced. The cylinder top was grinded, and all valves were checked and found ok. All valve guides were replaced and valves and valve seats grinded. The motor rubber mounts were replaced. The engine now runs very well, with oil pressure according to specification and without excessive mechanical noise.
The central lubrication system has been renovated. The brake system has been through a thorough overhaul.
A tailored stainless-steel exhaust system (Ferita) has been mounted. The battery was replaced in 2019.
The car has now run about 218,000 km.

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fredag, 25 oktober 2019 06:31

BMW E9 3.0 CSi

BMW 3.5l CSi E9 Coupe till salu. Årsmodell 1972

Exteriört: I det närmaste perfekt fjordblå lack på denna fina BMW E9. Många av detaljerna utvändigt är nya. Som stötfångare, emblem, baklampor, grill, dekorlister m.m. Bilen renoverades av en Tysk firma för många år sedan. Fakturor för plåtarbete finns på 21.400DM och ytterligare en på 32.690DM för inredningsarbete och montering. Detta motsvarar ca 250.000 i SEK. På några gamla bilder kan man se att den då fick nya trösklar, och en del golvplåtar, framskärmar m.m. Bilen har blivit lackerad 2016 i Norge och har inte brukats efter detta. Bilens lackering håller en mycket bra kvalitet. Den står idag på 15” BBS splitfälgar och det finns även ett set med Alpina fälgar om man skulle föredra detta.

Interiör: Mycket fin i beige skinn, helt ny matta i original utförande monterad 2020. Fin instrument bräda och fina instrument som alla fungerar. Fräscht och ordentligt intryck inifrån. Manuell sollucka, elektriska fönsterhissar.

Motor: Denna BMW CSi har nu en något större motor på 3.5 och som ger ca 240hk. Motorerna är mycket lika till utseende. Till denna fina motor sitter idag en 5 växlad dogleg låda. Bilen har fjädrar från CSL modellen som är något lägre än original. Under 2019 har jag investerat ca 100.000kr i bilen och bytt/renoverat Styrservo, bromsar komplett, styrstag och andra framvagnsdetaljer, generator, remmar, relän och alla tänd detaljer, grenrörspackning, torkarmotor och bytt alla vätskor. Kvitton finns. Med lite extra hästar under huven och med den fem växlade lådan är bilen idag en fröjd att köra.

Historia: Willy Eriksson från Norge arbetade i Tyskland 1977 och tog bilen tillbaka med sig hem. 2006 köpte Herr Bergersen i Fenstad bilen och jag köpte den för drygt ett år sedan och registrerade den i Sverige November 2019. Mätarställningen på bilen idag visar 63000km och har säkert gått runt minst ett varv till 163.000km. OBS detta är avläst mätarställning och inget jag kan garantera.

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lördag, 19 oktober 2019 19:41

Volvo P1800S 1965

Volvo P1800S 1965 for sale

I have managed to find yet another very good Volvo P1800S from 1965.

Exterior: There was a body and paint restoration done back in the 90's. Then the car got new front fenders and new rocker panels and painted again in the original colour. It still looks fantastic today! Some of the chrome parts are new and rest still in very good original condition. Wheels have been sandblasted, painted and fitted with Vredestein Classic tyres. This car sits right in height and gets a lot of attention every time I go driving.

Interior: Still original red leather seats that have been upgraded with headrests that came a few years later on these cars. New door panels and a new carpet make it look nice and fresh inside. All instruments work (not the clock) and they are in stunning condition. Previous owner added a little armrest and this is easy to be removed if you should not like it. However, I have to say after driving a while with this car, it is very nice to have.

Engine: The original B18 engine starts very easily, has a great sound and feels very strong. Carburettors have just been rebuilt, new clutch cylinder and also the brake booster that can be an issue in these cars are working fine. And it is the original brake booster, and not the aftermarket plastic ones. The previous owner had a rear axle from the Amazon fitted and that gives this Volvo P1800 a lower rpm at cruising speed, and this is very nice with today's roads and also it will save you some gasoline. The original rear axle is also available. Otherwise this P1800S gives you a very nice and solid feeling on the road. It is a car I would not hesitate one minute to take for a long road trip through Europe.

History: This Volvo P1800S was sold here in Sweden and was registered for the first tine on the 14th of June 1965. The first owner kept the car until 1973 when Tomas from Stockholm bought it. And Tomas kept the car until 2006 when it moved to Gothenburg area and stayed there until recently. It is a very well documented car with original owner’s manual, a nice binder with all collected documents for the car over the years including Technical Control and invoices for parts and service work. The last owner liked to drive this car all over Europe, so it was always well maintained. And my driving experience of this car is far better than many newly restored cars I have had.

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