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onsdag, 09 oktober 2019 19:33

Maserati Bora 1973

Maserati Bora AM 117 4.7 1973 for sale

Exterior: The Maserati Bora does NOT go unnoticed! I can just imagine back in 1973, this car must have been looking like a spaceship roaring through the tiny streets of a remote village in Italy. This is razor edge design at its peak from Bertone and Giugiaro. I think just about every Italian car that I like was penned by Giugiaro! The original silver paintwork is spectacular just like the panel fit. It was repainted some time during the 90's at Campana in Italy. All outside details are in a very nice and original condition. Rolling on original style Campagnolo wheels with Pirelli tyres. The original hubcaps are in “like new” condition.

Interior: For an Italian sportscar, the Maserati Bora is actually very comfortable, and I would not hesitate to take this car for a long road trip through Europe. The long seats looking almost like beach chairs are very comfortable and the original leather from 1973 is still in a fantastic shape. You can make everything new, but it will never be the same feeling as when it is the original! The instrumentation is like a small aircraft, but still tasteful and with function. Everything inside this car works the way it should. And black interior will always look good, even in another 20 years from now. The car is super clean and original even when you open the rear hood and also in the rather large size for a sportscar front compartment.

Engine: The 4.7l V8 engine in the Maserati Bora makes the right sound to match the outside appearance. And with the five-speed dogleg gearbox, it is fantastic to drive even on today's roads. The carburettors have just been cleaned and adjusted. Otherwise this car has had only the normal service work done to it over the years. I would think it is not easy to find such original and untouched Maserati Bora today. Please also note that this car was sold new in Europe, the cars sold new in USA often have less power due to the emission restrictions during this time.

History: This car was registered in Sweden for the first time in Sweden on November the 11th in 1976 and it was then imported from Germany. It has been featured in the Maserati Bulletin, and also in the book World of Sports Cars by Frank Oleski. There are pictures of this Maserati Bora with the same license plate it bares today. It comes with Swedish Technical Control (TUF) documents collected over the years. And the km can be verified here. The last Technical Control here in Sweden was done 2018-06-26 and the car is ready to drive. I feel it is important to emphasise this is a very original car that has always just been carefully maintained, used only in sunny and dry conditions while most other Italian sportscars from the 70’s have already been restored perhaps more than one time. The car is confirmed by Maserati Classiche.


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torsdag, 14 februari 2019 05:36

Alfa Romeo 1750 GT 1968

Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce 1968

Exterior: Nice red paint, very good rubber around windows etc. No corrosion, no bubbles, no signs of filler. Good panel fit and also good chrome. Rolling on new 15” GTA wheels.

Interior: Original with the Zagato Seats in black vinyl. Original headliner, dashboard etc, all in very good condition.

Engine: Starts easily, good oil pressure, very good sound. Very nice and clean engine bay. New stainless exhaust including headers. Weber carburettors (original intake pipe with the car). No leaks of any fluids from the car.

History: This car started its life in Finland back in 1968. In Finland, this car had what they call "museum status". This means it has to meet certain criteria of quality and has to be original with known history. The car came to Sweden in 2018 and was registered here on 24th of August. It looks like the km reading of 96,000km is correct. I am driving the car almost every day and it works perfectly.

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onsdag, 17 oktober 2018 03:35

Maserati 3500 GT

Maserati 3500 GT 1961 for sale 

Exterior: There are a few small places where the paint is lifting a little bit, but in overall the car looks good from the outside. The chrome and rubber parts are also in fair condition. There are some deviations from original as you can see inn the pictures. But only a model expert would notice this.

Interior: The leather has an amazing patina in this car! And in the photos from the inside you can see a little of the blue factory colour it was in many years ago.

Engine: The car starts up easily and can be driven on the road. It was not driven much over the last 20 years or so. Before any longer trips, it should be serviced and checked properly.

History: This Maserati was registered in Sweden the first time in July 1977 and has been with the same owner since 1990. If you are interested in buying this car, please send me an e-mail and I can send you more and bigger pictures to give you a full understanding.

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måndag, 03 april 2017 09:39


FIAT 1600 S OSCA Coupe 1964 for sale

I think the little Osca is one of the prettiest little cars around in this price class! OSCA, of course, is what the Maserati Brothers did with their lives after selling their names and their lives' work (up to that point) to the Orsi Group in 1937. They were racers at heart, and unlike Ferrari a decade later (and, indeed, the Orsi-owned Maserati marque), didn't want to be fussed with production cars to pay for the venture. The brothers Maserati just wanted to build competition cars--whole cars (chassis, engines, the lot)--and go race 'em. And when their ten-year contractual employment with Orsi ended, they did exactly that.

Exterior: Repainted long time ago and still looks nice. Good chrome and original glass. Some of the rubber parts are a little dry, but still doing their job of keeping the water out. This is the updated and last 1600s Osca that came in 1963 with flat hood and extra lights in the grill. In these pics well fitting Cromodora wheels from a Dino. But also the original steel wheels with hubcaps are along with the car.

Interior: Wonderful red leather complimenting the outside dark blue very nicely. All instruments in very good condition and that beautiful original Nardi steering wheel.


Engine: Some may confuse OSCA's engine with Fiat's own homegrown 1,500cc pushrod four, which was in production around the same time, and believe that OSCA's alloy twin-cam head (with chain-driven cams and mechanical tensioners) was fitted to a standard-issue Fiat block. Not true: Fiat's 1,500 was derived from the Lampredi-designed 1,800/2,100/2,300 inline-six (indeed, this 1,500 was two-thirds of the 2,100cc version). Part of the confusion, beyond similar displacements, lies with the notion that Fiat themselves built the OSCA engines--although they were hardly mass produced, requiring plenty of fettling by hand. But the cast-iron block is completely different from a production-line Fiat unit, and the pistons, rods and crank were forged, rather than cast as Fiat's passenger-car-engine pieces were. Standard-issue OSCA engines received a single Weber carburetor, while the upgraded S model received twin side-draft Webers; other visual tells between the Fiat and OSCA 1,500s include a tubular header in lieu of an exhaust manifold, the aluminum engine front cover and the finned oil pan. The engine in the car is just broken in and the oil is like pure honey still.
2019-04 a service with new oil and filter, all fluids checked, spark plugs, a new exhaust system and the brakes where also serviced. Then the car was taken trough technical inspection (TUF) here in Sweden. 

History: This car was sold new in Verona in 1964 and the man I bought this car from had it since 1975! Having worked at FIAT, he picked this very special car to cherish and own for many years. I bought the car in Verona 2016.


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fredag, 01 juli 2016 05:02

Iso Grifo 350 GL 1966

Iso Grifo GL 350 1966 for sale

The Iso Grifo is one of the best GT cars from the 70's you can buy for money -- with the design from Giorgetto Giugiaro Bertone and American power that you can depend on and maintain for fraction of the cost you would spend on any other Italian thoroughbred. There were only 413 Iso Grifos produced and it is today uncertain how many of these are still out there.

Exterior: Painted two years ago in this wonderful petroleum green color. It is a high quality paintwork with great depth and shine. All brightwork and glass in excellent condition. Today riding on Borrani spoke wheels shoed with correct time period Michelin tires. And the original Campagnolo magnesium wheels that the car was equipped with from factory are along with the car if you should prefer these.

Interior: All original interior in fantastic condition! It is only original once! And even if you find the most skilled craftsmen today and have them put together a new interior with the finest materials one can find, it still cannot match the look and feel of something that has been shaped by time and careful maintenance.

Engine: It is not easy to see, but the Chevrolet Corvette engine has been fitted with a very discreet fuel injection system. This gives the already powerful engine even more torque! All original parts are with the car and the fuel injection would be easy to remove if one wanted to. Also fitted is a five speed Tremec gearbox that makes it a bliss to cruise along even on Autobahn.

History: Supplied new on the 2nd of November 1966 to Mr Viktor Ackermans in Belgium. It then changed ownership and came home to Sweden on the 26th of April 2013. Having a 50 year old car with two owners from new is not something we see every day in the collector car business! Mr. Ackerman, the first owner, drove the car in the beginning, but then it was left sitting for almost 30 years, until it found its way to Sweden. 

Do you have any questions? Contact me here.

fredag, 13 mars 2015 21:00

Ferrari 308 GTS

Ferrari 308 GTS QV for sale

Nice looking Ferrari 308 GTS from 1981. Has been upgraded with a Quattrovalvole engine. Recently got new rims and tyres. Very nice leather interior! The car runs good and recently had a service including new belts. 


söndag, 02 november 2014 17:07

My Iso Grifo 7 Litri

Iso Grifo 7 Litri 1969

One of my personal cars is an Iso Grifo 1969. There were in total 413 Grifos made and about 65 of these were 7 Litri. As far as I know this is the only one in Sweden and it has been here since 1976.

I saw a Grifo many years ago at a local car show and since that day it has been stuck in my head. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. The only problem was that the price of these cars increased faster than I could save up money! But then one day I found a car I could buy and that car led me to this one. The lord moves in mysterious ways!

It is not a perfect car, but that does not bother me since I think, a part of the journey with a classic car is to improve it and step by step get it back to the condition it was when it left the factory.

One of the reasons I love it is that it is so brutally powerful and still it is a car from 1969! It was the fastest car you could buy at the time with close to 400hp and a top speed of the magic 300km/h. Another thing i like is that it is NOT a Ferrari! I like Ferraris a lot, they are great cars. But many times i think people that do not understand cars see the prancing horse as something you just want to show of with. 

The best thing with the car is that the interior is all original and, for me, in perfect condition. No cracks, no tears, no speakers holes, just worn to perfect patina. The outside of the car has had some rust repairs by an Iso specialist. It is now very solid and has a great body, but in need of a new paint.

The car was painted in 2018 in a original Iso colour "Gemma verde"

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söndag, 12 oktober 2014 19:53

Detomaso Pantera L

DeTomaso Pantera L 1972 for sale

This amazing Detomaso Pantera L came from California to Sweden about 10 years ago. From the looks of the body underneath and inside the doors, it has never seen a drop of rain in its entire life! The body is completely dry and guaranteed no rust. We have fitted European bumpers.

It has just received a new paint in the original factory color, and all rubber seals were replaced. Headlights and power windows work properly, all cooling fans start and stop like they should and keep the car at steady temperature. Engine has recently been serviced. New headers and studs have been fitted and a big bore exhaust. Also many bushings have been replaced.

It rides on the original Campagnolo magnesium wheels and good tyres. The car has no more than 70,000km and is very original inside. Even the original radio works!

Lots of documentation and the original owners manual are with the car. 

torsdag, 28 mars 2013 04:26

Alfa Romeo Montreal

Alfa Romeo Montreal till salu!

Alfa Romeo Montreal är helt klart en av mina favoriter när det gäller GT bilar! V8an som härstammar från tävlingsbanorna har ett fantastiskt ljud och med sina 200hk ger den bra fartresurser till denna ca 1300kg lätta bil. Bilen har nyligen fått nya fjädrar och krängningshämmare och ligger mycket bra på vägen. Även nya däck i rätt dimension har monterats.

Bilen blev tillverkad den 31a Oktober 1973 och stod kvar på fabriken fram till April 1975 då man sålde den till Alfa Romeo i Frankfurt Tyskland. Den såldes direkt därifrån till Sverige eftersom Montreal aldrig såldes som ny här i Sverige. Den första ägaren verkar har kört lite med bilen men sedan blev den såld till en man i Norrland som tyckte att bilen var för fin att köras med. Så den stod i ett torrt garage och rullades ut på soliga söndagar för beskådning för att sedan köras in igen. Den gick sedan i arv i familjen i flera generationer tills jag köpte den.

Alla vätskor har bytts inklusive alla filter (3 bensin och 1 olja) Nytt batteri och all utrustning, samt alla mätare fungerar. Även ögonlocken som styrs av vacum fungerar som de skall.

Bilen har blivit lackerad någon gång på tidigt 80tal och för att få bilen i toppskick behöver den lackas igen. Men alla de rostfria listerna och stötfångarna är i mycket fint skick och bilen är i sin originalfärg orange metallic. Invändigt är bilen 100% original och har till och med kvar original matta som är i mycket bra skick. Klädsel på stolar är även denna mycket fin och den har skydds mattor med Alfa Romeo logo. Den 5 växlade ZF lådan fungerar mycket bra när den blir varm går växlarna i mjukt och bestämt. Avgassystemet har fått nya dämpare och ger en härlig klang. Bromsarna har nyligen fått en översyn och fungerar bra.

Den här bilen köpte jag egentligen för att ha själv och köra med. Men sedan har livet tagit en annan väg och det har dykt upp bilar som stod ännu högre upp på min önskelista och därför har jag beslutat att sälja den.

onsdag, 27 februari 2013 17:59

Iso winter star

Iso Grifo 1970

We have a very long and dark winter here in Sweden, but now in the beginning of March the days are starting to become longer and brighter. Today was one of those days that you are looking forward to all winter long! That is when roads are dry and free from salt and snow and you can take out that classic car you have in the garage for a little ride. Today was a day I will remember and cherish for a long time. 

The Iso Grifo is a fantastic car! There were 413 cars like this built by Renzo Rivolta. The man who started out by building refrigerators and the more humble Isetta. This particular vehicle is a very original car that has been here in Sweden for a long time.  Iso Grifo used Chevrolet Corvette engines and this one has the 350hp with a 5 speed ZF gearbox.

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