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tisdag, 02 oktober 2018 07:05

Ferrari 328 GTS 1987

Ferrari 328 GTS 1987 pre cat for sale

I think the Ferrari 328 is a very interesting model. To me it is the best model of the classic Ferraris if we discuss car below 100.000€. It has the design of the very beautiful and famous 308, but a few more tweaks and the extra boost in the engine that the 308 needed. It is a very usable car that is easy to drive under any condition and it is the last model where even a reasonably skilled home mechanic could change the timing belts since the engine is sideways.

Exterior: Flawless “rosso red” paint on this once repainted car some 15 years ago. All doors and hoods line up perfectly and close easy. Wheels and tyres in perfect condition. Very clean and original car.

Interior: Black interior is the best for any Ferrari since that delicate leather will always stay black and is much more user friendly. Everything inside this car looks like brand new! It is in a stunning condition inside and you can hardly see any signs of use even on the driver’s seat or the door handles. Also, middle console looks perfect and has all functions.

Engine: Fires up easily and sounds great. Timing belts are due for replacement next year and we can do it for you if you would like. The engine bay is super clean and dry on this car. This a pre cat car.

History: This car was imported to Sweden from Germany 2003. The first owner had the car until 2007 and the second owner in Sweden until today. Comes with owner’s manual, a big binders of service documentation and receipts of parts replaced. Original tools and jack.

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torsdag, 07 september 2017 16:35

Ferrari 308 GTS 1978

Ferrari 308 GTS Carburettor model from 1978 for sale

The Ferrari 308 GTB and GTS came around in 1975 and were manufactured for years. There were many different versions produced and what might surprise many is the first cars were some of the most powerful. The GTB and GTS were designed by Pininfarina, but there was also a 308 GT4 2+2 designed by Bertone sharing the same engine.

Exterior: Stunning perfect red paint and also all black details in perfect condition. All rubber and glass are in very good condition. This is a very clean Ferrari 308 GTS!

Interior: Very nice black leather with red carpets. The little levers for choke, heat etc are so beautiful in these early cars and add the feeling of owning a classic Ferrari. Everything inside the car has a very original feel to it. Original tool bags in the trunk and original spare wheel in the front. In the front also a main power switch with easy access, when you want to park it for the winter. An exclusive time period correct stereo with cassette is fitted, should you feel tired of the tunes coming from the twin exhaust in the back.

Engine: Starts right up and runs very smoothly with good oil pressure. A real pleasure to drive as soon as it is warmed up and shifts perfectly.

History: Imported to Sweden in 2010 from Italy and had 1 owner since.

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Michael Schiebler

Tel: +46707658904 

tisdag, 29 augusti 2017 11:21

Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 1962

Ferrari 250 GT/E 2+2 1962 for sale

With 954 cars, the Ferrari 250 GT 2+2 or GTE was a tremendous success for Ferrari. The cars were produced between 1961 to1963 and were considered the first family car from Ferrari.

Exterior: Very close to flawless paint on this Ferrari that was painted ten years ago in its original colour. Perfect chrome, glass and rubber details all around the car. Without discussion, the best choice of original colour for a Ferrari 250 GTE in 1962. Borrani wheels in perfect condition with correct time period tyres (Michelin XWX).

Interior: A leather interior in a car like this Ferrari is something that just becomes more and more beautiful every year if it is well maintained. And, when the day comes that you should replace it, it is like starting over. It will take another 40 or so years to achieve that feeling of sitting into an original Ferrari interior. Even the shelf under the rear window is still covered in the original leather. This piece would have never survived for so many years if this car had lived in the southern parts of Europe where the sun is stronger. Carpets and headliner also in very good condition. All the beautiful instruments in this car still look like new with no fading from the sun! Also, they are in perfect working order. In the trunk, we have the original tool bag with the original leather belts to secure your suitcases when you are off for a grand tour of Europe in style.

Engine: Engine had a complete rebuild by Ferrari specialist in Italy. After this, the car is estimated to have covered around 10,000km. It is today in perfect order both visually and in performance. Also, gearbox, clutch, overdrive, and rear axle are in perfect working order. All bushings, rubbers etc in the front and rear end have also been replaced which makes the car handle like a Ferrari on the road.

History: This car was presented at the motor show in Stockholm in 1962 and the first owner was a company by the name Åhlen and Holm. Mr Gösta Åhlen was a very well-known business man in Sweden running a chain of department stores by the name of Åhlens. The owner’s history of the car is fully documented. The original handbook, and all literature that came with the car from new are still intact including a Swedish owner’s manual that was translated and typed out by hand and supplied from the Swedish importer at the time. 

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Michael Schiebler

Tel: +46707658904 


måndag, 23 mars 2015 19:41

Ferrari 328 GTB

Ferrari 328 GTB 1987 for sale

The 308 and the 328 GTB and GTS are great entry level Ferraris. Easy, cheap to maintain and easy to find spare parts. 6200 Ferrari GTS were made, but only just over 1300 GTB cars which makes this car rare on the market today. Black leather inside is always the best for a Ferrari, if you are one of those rare Ferrari owners who plan to use it. As you can see, this is a European car and the first delivery was to Germany. It has an original service book and handbook. Another special thing about this car is the Speedline wheels that were only available from Ferrari at the time this car was sold. Speedline wheels like this were made exclusively for Ferrari and they are very nice split wheels that give the 328 that little extra thickness in the wheel arches it needs. This is a very clean car and the timing belts were replaced last year. 

fredag, 13 mars 2015 21:00

Ferrari 308 GTS

Ferrari 308 GTS QV for sale

Nice looking Ferrari 308 GTS from 1981. Has been upgraded with a Quattrovalvole engine. Recently got new rims and tyres. Very nice leather interior! The car runs good and recently had a service including new belts. 


måndag, 24 november 2014 20:12

Ferrari 308 GTSi

Ferrari 308 GTSi 1981 till salu

Ferrari 308 var I produktion mellan 1975 och 1985 då Ferrari 328 tog över. Både 308 och 328 är väldigt bra instegsmodeller! Det är vackra bilar i klassisk design, de är starka och pålitliga om de sköts. Och det är helt rätt tid att köpa en just nu!

Denna bil kom från USA 1992 och har endast rullat några mil varje sommar för att hållas igång. Den totala körsträckan är mindre än 4000mil.

Den är i mycket bra skick och har just fått en genomgripande service. Nya vätskor och nya kamremmar.

Vi söker och köper gärna Ferrari 308 eller 328 bilar och du funderar på att sälja. 

söndag, 07 juli 2013 14:07

Knutstorp Sportvagnsmeet 2013

Knutstorp Sportvagnsmeet 2013

So many classic car events during this time of the year! Yet, the one i always try to go to is Knutstorp. The first reason to go there is that it is a very winding and beautiful road trough the forest going there. Then of course there is a massive crowd of classic and modern sports cars there driven by people watching the races. This event has been as far back as I can remember very lucky with the weather and this year's event was no exception. On the parking lot, there were a very nice Ferrari 246 Dino, an Aston Martin DB5 in fantastic condition, a flawless Karmann Ghia, some classic and modern Lamborghini cars along with lots of cars from the Alfa Romeo club.

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torsdag, 11 april 2013 18:43

Techno Classica Germany

Techno Classica Germany

Here are some pictures from the Techno Classica Messe in Essen, Germany. We have been coming to this event with cars for 9 years now, and it is always so wonderful to meet the spring in Germany. However, this year the weather has been very cold for the season. Still, if you like classic cars you will not be dissapointed coming to Essen because most of them are inside. There will be a second post about the market feeling when the show is over.

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söndag, 24 juni 2012 19:48

Ferrari 365 GTC4

Ferrari 365 GTC4 for sale.

First owner of this car was the Austrian author, Felix Braun, and he bought the car at very old age and did not drive it very much. After he passed away, the car was left sitting for a long time until finally sold on auction. Previous owner spent a small fortune in restoring the car from ground up. Engine was given a complete overhaul despite the low km. The body was painted argento silver and the interior was left in original state.

There was only 505 Ferrari 365 GTC4 cars built and many of these were exported to USA. This is a European car that runs and handles very nicely.


torsdag, 29 mars 2012 04:27

Essen Techno Classica messe gallery 4

Some of the finest cars in the world are offered for sale once every year in Essen Germany. Angels Sports & Classic Cars always brings two cars for the event. This year it was a BMW 502 1958 and a Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda from 1971. Essen offered incredible weather this year with 5 days of sun and many halls filled with exotic classic cars and accessories. Here are some pictures of the cars from the show. Jaguar Supersonic, Fiat Abarth, Mercedes 280 SE Convertible W111, Ferrari 246 Dino, Mercedes 600 SEL, Alfa Romeo 1750 GT, Bugatti, Rolls Royce and Bentley Continental, Maserati A6 Zagato, Packard, Lamborghini Espada and more.

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