Citroen DS ID20 1973

Citroen DS ID20 1973 for sale

Exterior: The car was painted yellow (original Citroen) in 2012 and there is no corrosion. The windshield in the front has crack but the rest of the glass and rubbers are in very good condition. This car was sold new in Luleå Sweden. This is very far up north where they do not use any salt on the roads.  

Interior: The interior has been upgraded to a Pallas interior that is in good condition. Has nice looking seat covers over the original vinyl. The vinyl has some cracks on the driver’s side.

Engine: Starts right up and runs very nicely in the engine and gearbox. No problem with the hydraulics.

History: Sold new in northern Sweden 1973 and was serviced with the same Citroen dealership most of its life. Comes with owner’s manual and original service book. Has travelled a total of 195,000km today. 

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