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For sale Lamborghini Espada 400GT 1972

When I look at the Lamborghini Espada, it reminds me of some of our Scandinavian furniture designs from the 70’s, with that triple layer wooden instrument cluster and those big ball shaped airplane style vents. The lines on the outside are in some way so odd with the big flat roof, yet so beautiful. And the fact that it is all of those things and still are useful, makes it Scandinavian. You can fit four people comfortably and still bring the ladies’ Louis Vuitton bags in the back.

The Espada has the extremely well built seats with their special pattern in every second row of leather, if it is the original leather. There are many very skilled people that can make great interiors, but it will only be original once, and in a car like the Espada I think it makes all the difference. This car has just covered a little more than 50,000km in its lifetime and you can feel that it is all there just like when it left the factory in 1972. Even the Compagnolo stickers are still on the rims.

It came to Sweden in 1974 and it has had the same owner since 1975! Most of its time, it has been sitting in dry storage. For this reason, it has now been serviced and received a new technical inspection (TUF, MOT) here in Sweden. It also had the rear muffler replaced. Carburators have been synchronized by professionals.

The tyres have been replaced for the correct size and these are Pirelli Cinturatos that are correct for the model. That is what was on the car when delivered new. And, with these correct tyres the steering is not heavy like some people would say.

The engine fires up easily and delivers very strong and smooth power. It is truly an experience to drive a Lamborghini Espada. The entire feeling of the car is nice and tight. Shifting is effortless when it is properly warmed up.

All electrics are in fine order, the car has power windows, lots of little courtesy lights and even a little light inside the ashtray.

Rust was not a big problem on these cars and this one has no signs of it. All glass is close to perfect.

History of the car is collected in a binder dating back to when the car was first registered in Sweden 1974.

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