SAAB 93B 1958

Vintage SAAB 93B 1958 for sale in Sweden.


This is a very original SAAB 93 B. The B stands for that the doors are hung in the back. This is a very rare car that you do not even see here in Sweden anymore. There is still many SAAB 96 twostroke, but you hardly ever see any of the 93 model. It has more of this aerodynamic shape of the earlier SAAB,s but the benefit of the later 3 cyl twostroke engine that gave 35hp. And this makes the car very drivable even in todays standard. It has the original 3 speed gearbox. It is still in its first paint! There is some surface rust here and there, but nothing serious for a car of this age. It is also very rare to find this car in black! And this is a striking color combination for the car. The piping between the fenders and the body where also red when the car was new. I bought this car a few years back from Arvidjaur (very faar north in Sweden) and it has spend its entire life there. For this reason it was equiped from SAAB with a very special heating package running along the inside of the car on the floor. It had a complete brake job two years ago and was then taken trough technical controll here in Sweden. Since then it has been driving during the summers. You can use the car just the way it is or you could restore it.

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