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måndag, 27 maj 2019 12:38

Volvo P1800 S 1967

Volvo P1800 S 1967 in red for sale

Exterior: Recently fitted with new bumpers, new rubber around the windows. Tail lights have some small pitting. Wheels have just been sandblasted and fitted with new tyres. Original red Volvo colour 46. The paint could use a professional polish.

Interior: New leather and carpets, also new headliner that looks very nice. Instruments look beautiful. Just had a new ignition lock fitted. The interior in this car gives a very good impression.

Engine: Runs very nicely, new brake booster fitted. Normal sound and function in gearbox and final drive. 4 speed + overdrive makes you cruise along on the highway in 110km/h on a very comfortable rpm. New gasoline tank fitted in May 2019.

History: The car was sold new here in Sweden, the first owner had the car from 1967-2013. Then it changed hands several times.

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söndag, 16 september 2018 19:43

Volvo Amazon 1965

Volvo Amazon 1965 for sale

The Volvo Amazon was in production from 1956-1970 and there were many variations. The engine alternatives were in the beginning B16 and then later the successful B18 and last the B20. These last two engines are known to be the toughest engines in the world.

Exterior: There is no other colour that suits the Amazon as well as black (19). It really makes all that chrome stand out. And, the chrome details on this car are in excellent condition, as well as the paint. The bumper guards have been removed for a wider sleeker look. But they come along with the car. It has also a sport suspension that makes the ride height slightly lower than original. Underneath this car was cleaned and the entire front and rear suspension was dismantled, all parts were sandblasted and painted and new bushings were fitted. There was never any rust on this car. We can not even find that it has been welded anywhere underneath.

Interior: Here the car is in very good and original condition. Still wearing original seat covers in very nice condition. Good headliner and all instruments work as they should. There is a new dashboard fitted recently and a textile carpet. It has seat belts also for the passengers in the back.

Engine: The engine fitted is a B20 for better power, and with this there is a Weber carburettor. It has a little bit more free exhaust system that gives it a very nice sound without being loud. The delivery of the power goes through a gearbox M41 J-type with overdrive. And, this makes the car wonderful to drive even on longer stretches or if you need to go on the highway. You are now cruising along in 110-120km/hr with ease.

History: This car was living its early life in one of the districts in Sweden where they did not use any salt on the road’s wintertime. The car was repainted by previous owner in 2012 and has never needed anything but regular maintenance. All bushing and joints in the front and rear were replaced in 2017. We also have the original engine and gearbox.

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tisdag, 19 juni 2018 05:00

Volvo 244 Turbo

Volvo 244 Turbo till salu

Volvo 240 Turbo har blivit en ovanlig bil även på Svenska vägar idag. Man trodde väl alltid att det skulle finnas tillräckligt av modellen och nu är de helt plötsligt borta.

Utvändigt: Mycket fin lack och fortfarande mestadels i sin original lack. Har alltid rullat i torrt klimat och därför skonats från den rost som alla Svenska bilar drabbats av. Även alla gummi och glas detaljer är i mycket bra skick. På bilderna sitter ett set med Borbet fälgar, men ett set nyrenoverade original Turbo fälgar kommer med.

Invändigt: En kanonfin skinnklädsel som alltid har haft överdrag. Idag fortfarande som ny invändigt. Även dörrsidor, innertak, mattor etc är mycket fina. Utrustad med AC

Motor: Startar fint, låter som ett flygplan(som alla 240 från denna perioden) Känns tajt och fin på vägen. Växellåda och overdrive fungerar bra och inga missljud.

Historia: Importerad av oss från Italien 2018. Bilen kom från en Volvo samlare och den har blivit omhändertagen som ett barn. I Italien hade denna bilen ASI certifiering vilket innebär att bilen är i ett samlarskick, som den var när den lämnade fabriken och att dess historia fram till idag är känd. Bilen är registrerad och besiktigad här i Sverige i Juli. Detta är ett tillfälle att köpa en osvetsad original bil i bästa tänkbara skick. Böcker och original utrustning finns med bilen. Bli inte lurad på auktion! Köp en bil du kan besiktiga och provköra i lugn och ro.

lördag, 24 februari 2018 08:12

Volvo Amazon Kombi

Volvo Amazon Kombi 1967 with Sport option

The Volvo Amazon kombi is a very cool and usable classic car. With the overdrive gearbox you have no problem keeping up with other road worriers and you are cruising 110-120km/h.

Exterior: Nice green paint in original Volvo colour (94). Rolling on fresh restored 5,5-inch KPZ wheels with thin white stripe on the new tyres. (These wheels were optional from Volvo and fitted standard on Sport models). Most of the chrome details are new or in very good condition.

Interior: It is still the original seat covers and door cards while the carpet on the floor and in the back is new. New rubber seals in the doors all around and new headliner. Good chrome on all details inside the car.

Engine: Fresh rebuilt engine with new pistons and bearings. Starts right up and runs perfectly. Recently rebuilt carburettors and new brakes all around. Discs, hoses, cylinders etc.

History: The Amazon Kombi was sold here in Sweden in 1967 and the first owner had the car until 1981 before he passed it on. There where then another owner until 1988 and then it changed hands within the family. In 2007 it was taken out of traffic for a restoration and it was back on the road in April 2018. During the restoration the car was upgraded to Sport. This means a brake booster, twin SU carburettors, overdrive gearbox, 5,5 KPZ rims. These little extras makes it a very drivable and usable classic today

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Michael Schiebler

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fredag, 12 januari 2018 16:34

Volvo 245 Turbo

Volvo 245 Turbo till salu

En Volvo 245 Turbo i mycket fint skick! Import från Italien och 100% rostfri kaross. Original färgkombination med beige läder invändigt. A.C och skinnklädsel. Manuell.

Denna bilen är nu såld men om du har en liknande är vi intresserad av att köpa. 

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torsdag, 03 augusti 2017 05:27

Volvo Amazon Kombi 1965

Volvo Amazon Kombi 1965 for sale

The Volvo Amazon Kombi was many times used by carpenters, painters etc. They used these cars until they were so beat up or rusted out that they could go no further, and were later sent to the scrap. That is probably the reason why it today is so hard to find a good Amazon Kombi.

Exterior: Repainted in 2016 with new chrome and rubber all around. This was a very good car already before the repaint. Rolling on 5,5 KPZ rims that were the wheels from Amazon Sport. (You can choose a set of original size wheels if you prefer.)

Interior: Looks like new inside! New seat covers, door panels, headliner and carpets. Everything works and looks very good inside. Spare, jack and original tools in its place.

Engine: Engine had a complete rebuild and the entire engine bay was made to look new again. Engine has covered a few hundred km and is not even broken in yet. Still runs perfectly. It is very quiet and gives great power. The entire brake system, clutch etc are also brand new.

History: Sold new in Sweden in April 1965 and had the same owner until 1989. The second owner put the car out of traffic in 1989, and it did not come back in to traffic until 2007. There were some owners in between and in total including dealers the car changed hands 7 times. Documents collected in a binder. 

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lördag, 16 april 2016 16:36

Volvo P1800S

Volvo P1800S 1965 for sale

Classic red Volvo P1800 coupe. The Volvo P1800 started its production in 1961 with the cars from Jensen. In 1963 the production moved back to Sweden and for this reason the cars were named P1800S.

Exterior: As you can see in the pictures, this car has just received a new paint and new chrome. Also, all rubbers from tires to window seals have been replaced. The paint has a very good finish, good panel gap and correct groves in rocker panels etc.

Interior: All new leather, new carpets, very nice steering wheel, instruments etc.

Motor: Fully rebuilt with all new parts. The pictures of the engine bay explain the rest!

History: Bought from the first owner last year and the present owner has done the restoration to the car. 

måndag, 11 augusti 2014 14:32

Volvo P1800S

For sale: Volvo P1800S 1967

Presented in iceblue (95) original color from Volvo with black leather. Older restoration that have held up very good. All instrumenst work. New leather on the fron seats. Wheels have been restored recently and got new tyres. Paint is nice and shiny, no sign of corrosion anywhere. 

Sold new here in Sweden and is well documented with full list of previous owners. Owners manual and copy of first registration document. Not a concours winner, but a great driver! 

söndag, 09 mars 2014 14:30

Volvo Amazon 122 Kombi

Till salu: Volvo Amazon Kombi 1965

Volvo 122 Amazon kombi var en bil som ofta användes av hantverkare på 60 och 70 talet. Billig i inköp, bra med plats för alla saker och Amazonen är en riktig arbetshäst som man kan lita på i ur och skur. Detta är förmodligen anledningen till att det idag är så svårt att hitta en riktigt fin Amazon kombi.

Men just denna Volvo har haft endast en brukare genom åren och han använde den sparsamt och skötte den varsamt. Men mot slutet blev den stående lite för länge och motorn fastnade. Därför har man idag renoverat motorn med nya kolvar och lager. Den låter och går nu mycket fint. Alla vätskor i hela bilen är nya och alla slangar, klämmor och rör i motorrummet är nya.

I bromssystemet är det en ny huvudbromscylinder, nya slangar, nya hjulcylindrar och band bak. Fram är oken renoverade med nya tätningar och damskydd. Nya backar och monteringssats. Renoverad bromsservo.

Bilen blev rostskyddsbehandlad på ett tidigt stadium så det har aldrig varit mycket rost på bilen. Den har två nya framskärmar och det krävdes lite ny plåt i hjulhusen bak. Efter detta har den fått tillbaka sin original grafitgråa kulör. Undertill är bilen mycket fin och orörd.

Invändigt har den original mörkröd klädsel kvar på stolarna och den är fortfarande i nyskick! Original gummimatta. Den har fått ett nytt innertak och nya textilmattor bak. Alla gummilister i dörrar, fönster etc är nya, samt nya matta till torpedväggen.

Stötfångarna har fått nytt krom i mycket bra kvalitet och alla övriga blankdelar är i nyskick.

Fälgarna har blivit lackerade i exakt rätt kulör för Volvo Amazon och fått nya däck i original dimision. Nya fjädrar och stötdämpare har monterats.

Ja för att summera det hela tror jag kanske att detta är en av de bästa Volvo Amazon kombi bilar som finns att köpa just nu.

tisdag, 23 juli 2013 06:05

Classic Volvo museeum

Visit the Volvo museum in Gothenburg

If you have an interest in classic and modern Volvo cars you should visit the museum in Gothenburg. They have everything on a very nice display there from their marine to air engine production. Below is a picture gallery from the museeum. 

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