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onsdag, 26 juni 2019 07:04

Jensen Interceptor MK 2 1970

Jensen Interceptor MK 2 1970 for sale

Exterior: The Jensen Interceptor looks very cool in this blue colour, but from factory it was claret with black leather. There is no rust showing, but the body has some smaller dents, scratches and cracks in the paint. Chrome parts are decent, and the entire car will make a great daily driver.

Interior: The interior has super nice original black leather. Dashboard and instruments all look very nice. The big Webasto Tudor sunroof makes a big difference. For me, it is a better solution than convertible since it is very easy to open and close, lets the right amount of wind into the car and still gives you that open air convertible feeling. Being a MK2, it has that nice round back seat. Original steering wheel. Was original with AC, but this is not working today.

Engine: The engine in the Jensen Interceptor MK2 from 1970 is the very powerful E engine with 330hp. Recent service with new fluids, fans have just been revised and are working fine. Starts easily and gives a mean sound. Automatic gearbox also working normally.

History: This car was imported to Sweden in September 1985 and I assume it was originally from U.K. considering it is a right-hand drive car. Looks like it has had 2 owners over the years here in Sweden and I bought this car in 2017. It was taken trough Technical Inspection (MOT) here in Sweden June 2019 and was all ok.

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måndag, 17 juli 2017 13:22

Jensen Interceptor MK3

Jensen Interceptor MK3 LHD 1972 for sale

Interceptors are very cool comfortable Grand Touring cars and this car has been modernized to make life easier for the owner and more user friendly. If you are looking for a strictly original Jensen Interceptor, then you should keep looking since this is not the right car for you.

Exterior: Painted in a burgundy metallic and it looks amazing in the sun. High quality paintjob that still looks like new. Very good glass all around and good rubber. As you can see, this car is not 100% original since it does not have a vinyl roof anymore and the previous owner has fitted a great looking spoiler in the front.

Interior: Great looking leather interior in beige. All the small instruments have been changed to a new and more dependable type. All original instruments are also with the car. Wooden steering wheel (and original) Power locks and alarm on a remote. Mp3 stereo with classic look. Has seatbelts also in the back to keep your children safe.

Engine: The Chrysler V8 has been fitted with a fuel injection system there underneath together with the big air cleaner and a MSD ignition. Gives it a little better fuel economy and more dependable power. Original carburettor is also with the car. Starts and sounds awesome with the stainless-steel exhaust system, also gearbox and rear axle have normal function.

History: The Jensen Interceptor was sold new in Belgium and came to Sweden 11th of March 1977. It had 5 owners during its time here in Sweden. The car appears to have had a complete revision in 1989. 

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fredag, 24 februari 2017 07:44

Jensen Interceptor Series II

Jensen Interceptor Series II 1970 for sale

The Jensen Interceptor is a cool thing! Even though it is from the 70's, it is still easy to use in today’s environment. In the city you have power steering, automatic gearbox and lots of glass so you can easily see what is going on around you. When you come out on the open road or even a highway, you have loads of power and very comfortable seats so that you can be cruising on Autobahn for hours or as long as your gasoline lasts. If your major concern is how expensive gasoline is and how much this car consumes, then you should turn back right now and look for another car. The MK 2 model was produced between 1969-1971 and there were 1128 cars produced.

Exterior: Very good red paint with no corrosion anywhere. The car was painted in 2011 after it had received rust repairs of the body. It is no secret that Jensen cars had some major problems with rust. This car has no rust however! All glass in good condition, most of the rubber is also very good. Chrome is nice except for the rear bumper that is waiting to get rechromed. In these pictures, it is rolling on a set of series 3 aluminium wheels, but the original chromed steel wheels also come with the car and they are in great condition. Almost new Pirelli tires.

Interior: Red leather with lots of patina. All gauges are in working order. Nice panels, carpets and good heat.

Engine: Starts right up and gives a healthy roar. Series II cars had the more powerful 383 Magnum engines giving you 330hp together with the 3-speed automatic Torqueflite gearbox. There is plenty of receipts for oils service along as well as other maintenance work done. Just completed from the workshop (April 23rd) New radiator, temperature sending unit, new radiator caps, spark plugs and leads, oil and filter in the engine and the gearbox. New steering rack.

History: The owner’s history of the car is fully documented and the car came to Sweden already in 1977 by a Brit. After that it spent most of its time in the hands of Jensen club owners including the president of the Swedish Jensen club for a few years. The last owner had the car since 2004 until last year when I bought it. 

fredag, 12 februari 2016 14:34

Jensen Interceptor

Jensen Interceptor III 1974 for sale

Good overall condition and great color combination. 

The Jensen cars are often referred to as the handsome Grand Touring car designed by Italians, with power from America and a luxury inside in U.K. style.

The concept of using a big American engine was also used by other great car builders such as Iso, De Tomaso,  Monteverdi and others. The Jensen cars used the power plant from Chrysler and this series 3 car used the 7,2l unit.

Interior: The original leather is nice and soft. Beige is always tough to keep clean, but a professional leather clean and perhaps paint would make this one look like new again.

Exterior: Wonderful deep burgundy color with a beige vinyl top. It is all in all a very solid car with only a few small bubbles in the paint. The color combination is spot on!

Technical: Engine starts right up with a healthy roar. Automatic transmission shifts normally and brakes feel normal. Overheating is one of the Interceptors Achilles heel so this car has been equipped with an extra radiator.

History: Built and sold new in U.K. in 1974 and came to Sweden in 1985. Past Technical Inspection here in Sweden last year.

As you can see this car is priced to sell! 


lördag, 07 januari 2012 02:16

Classic car Volvo P1800 1961 gallery no 3

This is a 1961 Volvo P1800 coupe built by Jensen in England the first time and then by me and Kjell and my uncle, Pelle, the second time. The restoration of the car was started back in the late 70s but never completed. I traced the owners all the way back to the first one and it was Göinge Bil in Hässleholm, Sweden. In 1961, Volvo made 6-7 experiment cars and this was one of them. It came in this dark blue color with black leather interior original from Volvo. In the pictures, I replaced the grill for one from a later car, and I also put some Minilite wheels on it. Other than that, it is a very original car. If you like Volvo P1800 cars and would like to buy one, we sometimes get them in. Check under "For Sale" in the menu.

måndag, 12 december 2011 13:23

Volvo P1800 Jensen 1961

Volvo P1800 1961 till salu

Detta var första året för Volvo,s nya sportbil och den byggdes i england av Jensen fabriken. Just denna bilen har nyligen (2011) blivit renoverad till ett mycket fint skick. Renoveringen omfattar även motor. Inredningen, klädsel är dock original och i fint skick. Efter dessa bilderna togs har en tidsenlig radio installerats för att täcka hålet i instrumentbrädan.

Bilen är naturligtvis rostfri och mycket fin i både lack och krom.

Bilen har rullat max 500 mil efter renovering och allt fungerar mycket bra. Verkligen en fröjd att köra denna bilen. Om du har en P1800 som du funderar på att sälja får du gärna höra av dig till oss.

Klicka på bilderna nedan för att se i större format. Det finns även en video.

måndag, 12 december 2011 01:06

Volvo P1800 Jensen 1961

1961 var första året för Volvo P1800. Man kunde få modellen i röd, vit eller grå. Under 1961 kom dock några bilar i så kallade experiemnt färger och denna bilen är en av dem. Som ni ser är bilen mörkblå med svart skinn. Bilarna byggdes av Jensen fabriken i England 1961 och 1962 och det finns inte många av dessa bilarna kvar idag. Denna bilen renoverade vi här på Angels och den är nu såld.

söndag, 11 december 2011 04:25

Volvo P1800 Jensen 1961

Volvo P1800 Jensen Coupe from 1961.

This is one of the most original and well kept P1800 cars we have seen. All original interior looking nice. Very good overall condition. Very nice Marchal headlights. Red car with white interior.

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