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måndag, 03 april 2017 09:39


FIAT 1600 S OSCA Coupe 1964 for sale

I think the little Osca is one of the prettiest little cars around in this price class! OSCA, of course, is what the Maserati Brothers did with their lives after selling their names and their lives' work (up to that point) to the Orsi Group in 1937. They were racers at heart, and unlike Ferrari a decade later (and, indeed, the Orsi-owned Maserati marque), didn't want to be fussed with production cars to pay for the venture. The brothers Maserati just wanted to build competition cars--whole cars (chassis, engines, the lot)--and go race 'em. And when their ten-year contractual employment with Orsi ended, they did exactly that.

Exterior: Repainted long time ago and still looks nice. Good chrome and original glass. Some of the rubber parts are a little dry, but still doing their job of keeping the water out. This is the updated and last 1600s Osca that came in 1963 with flat hood and extra lights in the grill. In these pics well fitting Cromodora wheels from a Dino. But also the original steel wheels with hubcaps are along with the car.

Interior: Wonderful red leather complimenting the outside dark blue very nicely. All instruments in very good condition and that beautiful original Nardi steering wheel.


Engine: Some may confuse OSCA's engine with Fiat's own homegrown 1,500cc pushrod four, which was in production around the same time, and believe that OSCA's alloy twin-cam head (with chain-driven cams and mechanical tensioners) was fitted to a standard-issue Fiat block. Not true: Fiat's 1,500 was derived from the Lampredi-designed 1,800/2,100/2,300 inline-six (indeed, this 1,500 was two-thirds of the 2,100cc version). Part of the confusion, beyond similar displacements, lies with the notion that Fiat themselves built the OSCA engines--although they were hardly mass produced, requiring plenty of fettling by hand. But the cast-iron block is completely different from a production-line Fiat unit, and the pistons, rods and crank were forged, rather than cast as Fiat's passenger-car-engine pieces were. Standard-issue OSCA engines received a single Weber carburetor, while the upgraded S model received twin side-draft Webers; other visual tells between the Fiat and OSCA 1,500s include a tubular header in lieu of an exhaust manifold, the aluminum engine front cover and the finned oil pan. The engine in the car is just broken in and the oil is like pure honey still.
2019-04 a service with new oil and filter, all fluids checked, spark plugs, a new exhaust system and the brakes where also serviced. Then the car was taken trough technical inspection (TUF) here in Sweden. 

History: This car was sold new in Verona in 1964 and the man I bought this car from had it since 1975! Having worked at FIAT, he picked this very special car to cherish and own for many years. I bought the car in Verona 2016.


Interested? Contact me here

tisdag, 07 februari 2017 11:06

Fiat 503 Torpedo 1926

FIAT 503 Torpedo 1926 for sale

This car was sold new here in Sweden back in 1926 and was first registered in Stockholm in 1927. After 24,000km the FIAT was left standing since the family bought a new car. The car was left standing until 1957 when it was sold off. The new owner had the engine rebuilt with new pistons and during the year 1957-1962 put the rest of the car back to its former glory. It has since then been used only for classic car rallies and short pleasure drives. It is still today in a fantastic condition and a very original car with only less than 30,000km driven from new!

Exterior: Nice black and green paint with lovley patina. The trunk in the back was specially built for the car here in Sweden. New tyres have been fitted recently. What is not showing on these pictures are the very nice original side screens, also in fantastic condition.

Interior: Original leather interior in wonderful condition! I do not think many of these cars still have the original leather.

Engine: Starts right up easily and can easily take off on second gear. You are cruising in 60-70km/hour.

onsdag, 26 augusti 2015 05:08

Fiat 2100 "En Plein" Vignale

FIAT 2100 Vignale Coupe 1961 for sale

This is a Fiat 2100 En Plein Vignale from 1961. I think there are only a handful cars like this left in the world today. It is very difficult to find a production number, but I do not think more than 10 cars were built. Some say no more than 3 in this configuration!

Vignale was an Italian coachbuilder between the years 1948-1973 when it was sold to Ford.

Vignale designed and built cars, usually low volume variants of the main production cars. Most people have never seen a car like this. Some people would say it is ugly, and some would say it is a design masterpiece. I would have to agree with the latter, perhaps since I like cars so rare that you can be 100% sure you will never meet another one when you are out driving!

The platform for this car was a Fiat 2100 saloon car and from there it is a bespoke body and interior. The hood and trunk are aluminium and the rest of the body is made from steel.

The motor is a straight 6 cylinder unit with 2100cc, but this car has today the slightly bigger 2300cc engine with double Webers that give it 120hp. This engine has covered 10,000km and was factory new when it was installed. The original 2100 engine is fully rebuilt and comes along with the car as a spare.

The total travel today is 118,000km and this is fully documented. Original service book is with the car and lots of other documentation through the years. It was owned by one family from new and this family was the owners of a dealership, so this car was always properly maintained and used carefully.

And for this reason it is still today in a very good condition. It was repainted some time along the way. It is not a show paint but it is very much in harmony with the overall condition of the car.

Early rust protection and always dry storage have saved it from rust.

It is very easy and comfortable to drive. It does have a backseat and therefore can seat 4 people in total even though it is small in the back.

The car is very original! Perhaps the most original in its existence and this may be the car used in Vignale’s commercial photo of this model, since it is in the same color scheme. The car is white and has dark blue stripes on the sides, blue roof and blue rims.

The dark blue cloth on the seats is still the original, even though it is slightly sun faded today. The original rubber mats on the floor and in the trunk.  

lördag, 06 september 2014 17:59

Fiat 500 Topolino

FIAT 500 Topolino for sale

This adorable litle Fiat from 1947 has been restored and not used after completion. The body and chassi were sandblastered, coated, painted and then rust protected. It was painted in the original color scheme.

New interior and wiring.

Engine was rebuilt with new pistons and bearings. New tyres and new sunroof. This is a good car, but not perfect! 


tisdag, 18 juni 2013 18:09

Fiat 1500 Convertible

For Sale: Fiat 1500 Convertible 1964 by Pininfarina

This car was sold new in Stockholm, Sweden. Had one user family that left the car with a paintshop, but the paintshop was gone when then came to pick up their car. They later got the car back but all chrome details and lamps etc vanished. In this stage I bought the car a long time ago. I had the car painted in its original Rosso red. I bought a spare parts car to get all the correct parts and then had them rechromed. It has the original hardtop and softtop. Original carpet in color and material ordered from Italy. Seats are original and very nice. It has a total of 70,000km and is guaranteed rustfree.

torsdag, 11 april 2013 18:43

Techno Classica Germany

Techno Classica Germany

Here are some pictures from the Techno Classica Messe in Essen, Germany. We have been coming to this event with cars for 9 years now, and it is always so wonderful to meet the spring in Germany. However, this year the weather has been very cold for the season. Still, if you like classic cars you will not be dissapointed coming to Essen because most of them are inside. There will be a second post about the market feeling when the show is over.

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torsdag, 08 november 2012 05:47

Fälgar till FIAT 124 Spider, 4X98 bultcirkel

4 stycken snygga alufälgar till FIAT 124 Spider eller andra bilar och modeller som har 4x98 bultcirkel. Mycket bra däck. Fälgarna är 13"

måndag, 16 juli 2012 04:08

Pininfarina 124 Spider

Pininfarina 124 Spider 1985 med endast 3360mil!

Herr Öjesten från Sverige bodde i Frankrike på 80talet och hade länge funderat på att köpa en klassisk sportbil av märket Pininfarina från Italien. Han kontaktade sin lokala Fiat handlare som sålde dessa bilarna och de arrangerade så att Herr Öjesten personligen fick åka till Pininfarina fabriken och hämta ut en av de sista bilarna och sedan köra den tillbaka till Frankrike.

1986 kom bilen sedan hem till Sverige och användes mycket sparsamt under sommrarna i Båstad. När Herr öjesten gick bort gick bilen i arv till son sonen. Denna tog väl hand om bilen och den förvarades alltid i garage.

Bilen blev sparsamt använd genom åren och har idag endast rullat 3360 mil! Den ser fortfarande ut som en ny bil och är helt original. En modern stereo har monterats, men original täcklock finns kvar. Bilen har aldrig blivit omlackerad eller bättrad. Inga bucklor och väldigt lite stenskott.

Nyligen servad med nya oljor och filter, tändstift. Vi har gått igenom bromsarna och bytat kamrem. Bilen levereras nybesiktigad.

Mer bilder kommer i veckan.

måndag, 25 juni 2012 18:48

Fiat 124 Spider 1971

Fin 124 Spider 1971 till salu

Bilen har fått en lätt renovering. En ny mattsats, ny skinnklädsel och en ny cab av bästa kvalitet. Ett set helt nya Volumex fälgar med nya däck som inte har rullat en meter än. 1600 motorn som sitter i denna bilen anses av många att vara den bästa twincamen som satt i en Spider. Frisk och fin kaross.

Bilen är nybesiktigad och det är bara att köra.

torsdag, 29 mars 2012 04:27

Essen Techno Classica messe gallery 4

Some of the finest cars in the world are offered for sale once every year in Essen Germany. Angels Sports & Classic Cars always brings two cars for the event. This year it was a BMW 502 1958 and a Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda from 1971. Essen offered incredible weather this year with 5 days of sun and many halls filled with exotic classic cars and accessories. Here are some pictures of the cars from the show. Jaguar Supersonic, Fiat Abarth, Mercedes 280 SE Convertible W111, Ferrari 246 Dino, Mercedes 600 SEL, Alfa Romeo 1750 GT, Bugatti, Rolls Royce and Bentley Continental, Maserati A6 Zagato, Packard, Lamborghini Espada and more.

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