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måndag, 23 mars 2020 05:24

Mercedes 300SE W112 Coupe 1963

Mercedes 300SE W112 Coupe 1963 for sale

The description of this car should be seen from the perspective that it is an unrestored and original car from 1963

Exterior: The paint is nice even parts of it is believed to be the original. Also chrome parts are in very good condition. Windows have never been removed from this car, but rubber is still very good just like all glass. The W112 300SE is to me the best-looking coupe from Mercedes since it sits very low and have that chromed side trim making it look even longer and sleeker. Please note that this is 99% unwelded car! One very small patch was found in the floor otherwise all original.

Interior: Here we have an all original interior that is still in amazing condition. Yes, there is some cracks in the lacquer on the wood panels, and yes, the carpet is a little bit faded from the sun. But the leather is absolutely beautiful, just like all chrome and the instruments. You can truly feel the year 1963 when you sit inside and drive this car. I have had some of the best classic car experiences in a car like this, coming trough the night over the mountains hearing that sweet six humming away km after km. Nice time period correct working radio.

Engine: I am pretty sure the odometer in this car has turned one once, so it has around 150.000km when I am writing this in total. The engine runs very nice and there is no smoke. The car had been standing for some time when I found it. It was parked in 1995 and I started working on it in 2019. All fluids and filters where replaced. The tank was cleaned out properly and new seals where fitted to the fuel pump. A new exhaust pipe where fitted and new rubber doughnuts in the air suspension all around. New water pump and many cooling hoses and clamps are new. The brake system was a big job and all callipers have been rebuilt, new hoses, main cylinder and brake servo. Also clutch cylinder where rebuilt.

History: I am still working on tracking down the history of this car, but it looks like there have been 3 owners over the years. And I have a data card for the car showing that it is in correct colour and with correct engine. The car comes with a binder with all collected receipts for the parts and work mentioned above. A major investment has been made in 2019 to put this car back to its former glory. Comes with original items such as handbook in original plastic pouch, spare, jack and original tools. 

Interested? Contact me here 

But before you enquire, check with your wife/girlfriend, check your bank account and measure your garage please.


måndag, 20 januari 2020 08:03

Jaguar E-type Coupe 1963

1963 Jaguar E-type Coupe Series 1 for sale

The Jaguar E-type is a very photogenic car. It does not matter in what position you point it, it just looks amazing from every angle and specially the early coupe models.

Exterior: Very nice paintwork on this carmen red Jaguar E-type from 1963. All chrome details are in condition like new, and all rubber details are in very good shape. Beautiful chrome spoke wheels with good tyres.

Interior: Very nice and tidy inside with scratch free aluminium panels, beautiful instruments all working properly. Very clean even in the spare wheel compartment. A nice looking time period correct radio.

Engine: As you can see in the pictures, the engine compartment on this car is so clean and tidy you can eat your breakfast on top of it! The inside of the hood, the frame and block are all in fantastic condition and not a drop of oil on the outside of the engine.

History: This Jaguar E-type was sold new in USA and then came for a short time to Holland before it finally arrived here in Sweden. It comes with a Heritage Certificate from Jaguar that shows it still has the very same and correct 3.8l straight six cylinder engine and top that it had when it left Coventry in 1963. This car came to Sweden in 2014 and has been owned and used by the same person since. Nice documentation with receipts also from the time in USA.

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måndag, 27 maj 2019 12:38

Volvo P1800 S 1967

Volvo P1800 S 1967 in red for sale

Exterior: Recently fitted with new bumpers, new rubber around the windows. Tail lights have some small pitting. Wheels have just been sandblasted and fitted with new tyres. Original red Volvo colour 46. The paint could use a professional polish.

Interior: New leather and carpets, also new headliner that looks very nice. Instruments look beautiful. Just had a new ignition lock fitted. The interior in this car gives a very good impression.

Engine: Runs very nicely, new brake booster fitted. Normal sound and function in gearbox and final drive. 4 speed + overdrive makes you cruise along on the highway in 110km/h on a very comfortable rpm. New gasoline tank fitted in May 2019.

History: The car was sold new here in Sweden, the first owner had the car from 1967-2013. Then it changed hands several times.

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måndag, 02 juli 2018 05:16

Volvo P1800S 1967

Volvo P1800S 1967 for sale

I have had many Volvo P1800 cars in my life, they are beautiful cars from every angle. But the driving experience never impressed me much, until I drove this car!

Exterior: The four wings and rocker panels have been replaced and then the car was repainted. All the gaps and lines are today in perfect harmony. Better than when the car was new! All chrome details have been replated or replaced and new rubber all around.

Interior: Black leather, red carpet, those beautiful instruments all working as they should.

Engine: The best part of this car is the engine. It is a B20 with fuel injection (from P1800 E-model) and then the block was drilled out to B21 and new pistons fitted. The head is modified with bigger valves (44mm in and 37mm out) KG10 camshaft, oil cooler fitted. 123 ignition, free flowing exhaust. The rear axle and front hubs were changed to the one from an E model so it now has disc brakes also in the rear. A bigger brake booster fitted for best possible stopping power. M41 overdrive gearbox. In all, this gives you a very nice driving experience of this Volvo P1800S. This is how the car should have been from factory! Great power with lots of torque, the cabin is very quiet and when that overdrive kicks in, you are cruising effortlessly even at highway speeds. It does not sound more than a normal P1800 and it looks original on the outside. This is the best Volvo P1800 I have ever driven.

History: This car was left standing after the first owner passed away in the early 90's. The second owner who bought the car completed a full restoration and put it into the condition it is today. It has covered approximately 20,000km since and is still today in fantastic condition.

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måndag, 22 maj 2017 20:10

Mercedes 220SEb Coupe 1962

Mercedes 220SEb Coupe till salu.

En riktigt sund och bra Mercedes 220 Coupe från 1962. Inköpt av direktör Granberg 1962 som hade den fram till 2002 då nästa Granberg i familjen fick ta över och hade bilen fram till 2017.

Bilen har rullat ca 13.800 mil och jag har kört ca 100mil denna månaden så jag vet att den fungerar mycket bra. Det är en väldigt orörd originalbil förutom att den har blivit omlackerad för många år sedan. Den har i det närmaste perfekt original krom både invändigt och utvändigt. En underbar skinnklädsel som är hel och fin samt med rätt patina.

Mycket arbete utfört nyligen.

Tanken renoverad och nya filter monterade.

Nya motor kuddar

Oljeservice, tändstift, brytare etc

Bromsslangar runt om, nya cylindrar bak.

Inställning av motorn

Det finns ingen rost på bilen och den har blivit minimalt svetsad under åren. Original handbok och original verktyg, reservhjul etc. Trevlig dokumentation samlad i pärm.

Vi söker hela tiden nya objekt och tar därför gärna din veteran eller sportbil i byte. (dock ej bruksbilar) Vi köper även köpa din bil rakt av och betalar mycket bra för ovanliga eller fina bilar. Vi söker bilar i stil med de som kan ses på vår hemsida www.classix.se Vi kan hjälpa dig att sälja din bil på förmedling om ni föredrar detta. Hör av dig till oss så berättar vi mer om vårt upplägg. 

måndag, 05 december 2016 05:00

BMW 3,0 CSi 1972

1972 BMW 3,0 CSi with original sunroof and air condition for sale

The total BMW E9 production is more than 30,000 cars but only 6500 of these were CSi. These beautiful Karmann bodies had their problems with rust and many of them are no longer with us. However, here we have a special car equipped with both sunroof and original air condition. 

Exterior: Nice and shiny in the original color Baikal blue. Very good chrome, glass and rubber details. Riding on BBS Mahle aluminum wheels with brand new Wredestein Spint classic.

Interior: New brown leather makes an awesome color combination for this E9 coupe. Also new doorsides and carpets. Clean headliner and a very nice dashboard without cracks. Very nice wood panels and all instruments work. This car has a manual sunroof, power windows front and rear and a factory installed air condition that is ice cold. This is a very rare option these cars!

Engine: The engine was recently rebuilt and is still in drive in period. Starts right up with a healthy sound. Nice and tight gearbox, new brakes.

History: This car was produced 13th of January 1972 and was first delivered to Belgium 18th of January 1972, but came to Sweden 1986-04-21 But already in 1993 it was taken out of traffic until recently when it was restored. The restoration work took part during 2015-2016 and during this time the car was completely dismantled, the body was sandblasted and the rust areas where repaired. In some places with complete new pieces such as rocker panels where fitted. The car was then given a new paint and a complete new leather interior. Also wood panels where refurbished and fitted back the perfect dashboard. Instruments where checked and refitted. New rubber seals where fitted in many places. The wheels where also refurbished and have just received new Wredestein tyres. The engine where parted and received new bearings, cylinder block where honed and new piston rings where fitted. All gaskets around the engine where replaced. Other mechanical parts where checked, cleaned and repainted. Such as gearbox, rear axle etc. New exhaust system where fitted. Also the entire brake system where checked and also many new parts where fitted here, such as piston seals, rotors, pads etc.


fredag, 23 september 2016 08:10

BMW 3,0 CSi 1972

BMW 3,0 CSi E9 Coupe 1972 for sale

If you are looking for one of the most elegant coupes for the 70ies that still comes with performance that will not embarrass you in today traffic I think the BMW 3,0 CSi could be for you!

The Karmann body work joined with BMW,s most powerful six cylinder unit at the time this was the ultimate Grand Touring car of its time. 8000 cars where produced, but not many of them have survived.

Exterior: This is the birth color for the car and the name is Balkai blue. Painted about 2 years ago and looks very nice today. Not flawless, but very nice. All glass and chrome is original and looks good. New wheels and tyres.

Interior: New light brown leather, new door sides made exactly like the original ones. Wood, carpets headliner in good condition. All instruments work as they should. With those big clear windows the color of the leather makes a great contrast to the exterior.

History: The car was sold new here in Sweden and is a year model 1972 and was first taken in to traffic here in May 1973. These cars always had a lot of owners and this one is no exception. Just passed technical controll here in Sweden.

Engine: Starts right up and has a great sound. Very strong motor that just have been serviced with new oil and filters. Rebuilt generator, all the fuel lines have been replaced. Brakes have been reworked and it has new brake hoses and new calipers in the back. Spare wheel and tools are missing.

At the moment we have two other BMW 3,0 CSi, one in Tundra green fully restored and then one in Nachtblau (darkblue). We are doing some work on these cars and they will be up for sale later. 

Do you have any questions? Contact me here.

tisdag, 23 augusti 2016 06:51

Jaguar XK 150 FHC 1960

Få bilar är så vackra som en Jaguar XK 150! Gott om kraft under huven och med overdrive växellåda är det en underbar långfärdsvagn som inte gör bort sig i dagens trafik rytm trots sin ålder.

Utvändigt: Mycket djup och fin lack (indigo blue) med i det närmaste perfekta krom detaljer. Även allt glas och gummi i mycket bra skick.

Invändigt: Mycket fin skinnklädsel i beige. Alla detaljer i bilen är i mycket fint skick!

Motor: Startar och låter mycket bra i motor och låda. Bra oljetryck och mycket rent och fint runt motorn.

Historia: Såld ny i USA 1960 och först registrerad i Sverige 2002. Renoveringen av bilen var färdigställd 2005. Hela bilen var i bitar, ram och axlar blästrade och lackerade. Motorn renoverades och en komplett ny inredning köptes in. Kvitton för alla delar och arbete utfört av verkstäder finns samlade i en pärm.

Detta är en Jaguar för dig som söker det där lilla extra. Byte kan vara intressant, även med något nyare bilar. Mercedes, BMW men även annat oavsett prisklass. Visas endast efter överenskommelse, men mycket bilder finns på vår sida. Har du en veteranbil du funderar på att sälja? Vi söker just nu bilar och betalar mycket bra för fina objekt. 

fredag, 05 juni 2015 05:46

BMW 3,0 CSi

BMW 3,0 CSi E9 1972 For sale

Great looking BMW Coupe! Healthy car that runs wonderfully. Recent major service. Older restoration that still looks very good. Blue leather and that lovley wooden dashboard.

These BMW coupes are getting in demand and it is not hard to see why. With the great looks and enough power to keep up with modern cars.

onsdag, 12 februari 2014 21:11

Mercedes 280SE Coupe

Till Salu: Mercedes 280SE Coupe W111

Detta är Mercedes Coupe modell med 2,8l sexan på 160hk och med manuell låda. Den är i en mycket vacker färgkombination med blått skinn och en ljusgrön metallic färg som kallas för silberdistel. Invändigt är bilen som ny med nytt skinn, mattor och innertak. Även träpaneler har fått en översyn. Den har fått nytt krom i dörrarna och nya gummilister.

En trevlig Becker original radio och elektrisk sollucka. Fina däck och bromsar är nyligen renoverade på Mercedes. Även ett nytt avgassystem har nyligen monterats. 

Bilen är som en dröm att köra! 

Den såldes ny till en direktör på Götgatan i Stockholm och har haft 3 ägare. Alla kvitton och protokoll samlade i en pärm. 

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