Mercedes 190 2.5 16V

Mercedes 190 W201 2.5 16V for sale

Exterior: The car looks stunning and has a perfect paint! Refurbished wheels and new tyres. This car really looks perfect from the outside. Perfect panel fit and hardly any stone chips at all. If you are looking for a super clean youngtimer, this must be on your list. Perfect colour combination and top condition.

Interior: Very nice original leather in this Mercedes 190 2.5 16V. Perfect instruments and dashboard. Looking at this car, you can not believe it has travelled 325,000km! It looks and feels more like 100,000. Original spare and accessories in the trunk.

Engine: Normal sound, good power. Also gearbox and final drive are all normal. Good brakes and no funny noices. Just like a Mercedes should be.

History: This car was sold new in Germany and then came to Denmark. In Denmark, the import tax is based partly on the mileage of the car. It could be one reason that this car looks more 100,000km than 325,000. Unfortunately no service records from this early time. There are invoices for the work done in Denmark and Sweden. The car was first registered in Germany 27th of June 1989 and in Denamark on the 8th of May 2006. It came to Sweden on the 20th of December in 2017.

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Additional Info

  • Karosstyp: Sedan
  • Hästkrafter: 200hp
  • Växellåda: 5 speed
  • Kilometer: 320.000
  • Tillverkningsland: Germany
  • Pris: 27.000 Euro
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