Working on a classic car

Classic car maintenance and restoration philosophy

I was recently working on a Italian sportscar with a V8 engine. I thought since it was not running so nicely, I decided to change the spark plugs. When all the old spark plugs were removed, I was blown away by what I discovered. Out of the eight spark plugs, there were five different types! In order to get a sportscar running correctly, it is rather important to have the right spark plugs fitted. I have seen before cars with one different spark plug, but never seen anything like this.

Get it right, or leave it alone

I always try to think of it as I am a keeper of a classic car, but it will hopefully still be here when I am gone. If it is a piece of history that we are leaving for our children that will show them technical solutions and how things were done at a certain time. Now you say: Well, my car is nothing special and they made 50,000 units of it and there will be another one that can be used in history class 100 years from now! Considering how many crazy people out there, with mass destructive weapons I would say half of our planet could be gone before you even see it on your facebook page, and your car may very well be the only one left of its kind. I often see people not realizing how much work, time and money that goes into restoring a classic car and they try to do it all at one time and end up with a very poor result or never get it back together again.

My advice would be to decide one area or part of the car at a time and then make it as perfect as you possibly can. If you can not do it yourself, consult with experts and do the research of how it is supposed to look or be done on your car. If you cannot afford to give your classic that proper new paintjob it deserves, you should not try to cut corners and get a cheap respray around the corner, since the money you spend on this will be wasted. If you pay a little more and get it right, you have made an investment in your car that you have a much better chance of getting back, hopefully with interest if you decide to sell. Most people walk away when they see a car with a garage paint job. And I personally cannot get more excited than when I find something that is in first paint, even if it looks tired, matt and has some scratches. 


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