BMW 502 3,2 1958

BMW 502 1958


This very nice BMW was restored by its previous owner to a very good standard and then the car was kept in storage for 15 years without any use. Now back in traffic with a recent service and some new tyres. Inside the upholstery was beautifully done with burgundy leather. Both the leather and carpets are still in very good condition since the car was never used. Looks stunnig and drives beautifully. There are original tools in the box and an original handbook. The car was sold new in Sweden in 1958 and has the bigger 3,2 V8 engine. Only 3,2 Super was faster than this one (and this is a fast car for its time!). This is a rust-free car. Look at the pictures from underneath and you'll see the car is as good there as on top.
The previous owner spent more money on this car than what we are asking for it today! And the story is that he restored the car and took all the expenses on his company, and did the work with the help from his employees. When the tax authorities found out (as they always do), he was charged for fraud and sent to prison for economic crime for 12 years. This is the reason the car was left standing without any use until finally sold. And this is also the reason there is not any receipts from all the work that was done. However, my uncle is a specialist for the model here in Sweden so we decided to take it apart to discover that it is all new inside the engine, brakes etc.



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