Bentley R-type

Bentley R-type LHD 1953 for sale

Not so often you get a chance to buy a left hand drive Bentley R-type here in Sweden and this car has been here since new. The R-type is the evolution of MK 6 and was only produced for a few years before the S models appeared. During this time, the Bentley cars outsold the Rolls Royce cars with 2500 -- Bentley R-types to 760 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn cars. The 4.5l engine still feels very strong today and has the Automatic Hydramatic transmission that was an option at that time.
The car has had three owners here in Sweden and two were father and son. The car was never restored and is very original. The body is solid but the paintwork has some scratches and some small dents. Also, some small rust is coming. However, there is a great potential in this car. All the original tools that go in the trunk are present, just like in the little toolbox inside and the rare original torch in the engine bay. Also, lots of documentation.

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