Volvo P1800 Jensen 1961

For sale: Volvo P1800 Jensen 1961

The Volvo P1800 1961 was manufactured by Jensen i West Bromwich England. And these cars had some serious problems with rust! You will not find an unrestored Jensen car today unless it has been lying in the desert sand.

This car was sold new here in Sweden and was also restored here some 20 years ago. After this, it was used very little and only during summer. It is still today 100% rust free and in good condition. Very original car in attractive color combination. Engine is very strong in this car and the twin SU carburetors give a great roar. Shifts nicely through the gears and overdrive works perfectly. 

New carpets inside the car and in the trunk, all instruments look very nice. This is a very solid and dependable car.

Good tyres and still has those very rare hubcaps indicating that it is a very early Volvo P1800. This is a great daily driver ready to go anywhere!

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