Volvo P1800S 1963

Volvo P1800S 1963 for sale

This car has recently had a great deal of work done to it. A lot of the body was replaced --- such as new fenders, rocker panels, floor sections etc. The entire car was sandblasted and then painted.

All new rubber around windows and doors. New leather and carpets inside. Early desirable cowhorn bumper model in attractive colors.

There is lots of work done here and lots of money spent. However, there is still a few details to take care of before it becomes that perfect Volvo P1800. Some of these things are: Fit the chrome strip around the front screen, rpm gauge is not working at the moment, sun visors, improve the fit on some panels. This is of great value to someone who can put the final touch on it! Car is in commission from customer and priced for a quick sale!

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  • This car is now: SOLD
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