Volvo Amazon 122 Kombi

For sale: Volvo 122 Amazon Kombi 1965

The Volvo 122 Amazon kombi was a car used by many carpenters and painters during the 60's and 70's here in Sweden. It was affordable to buy, could fit a lot of stuff in the back and it was a real workhorse! This is probably the reason why it is so hard to find a Volvo Amazon in good condition today.

Surprisingly for this car however, there has been only one user over the years and he took great care of his Amazon. But at the end it was left sitting for too long so the engine seized up, and for this reason the engine is now completely rebuilt with new pistons and bearings. It is very strong and has a great sound. All fluids in the car are new and so are all hoses, clamps, pipes etc in the engine room.

The brake system has new master cylinder, new brake hoses all around, new shoes and cylinders in the back. Calipers in the front have new seals and dust covers. New pads and pins. Rebuilt brake booster.

There was not much rust on the body since the car had received a rust protection treatment at a very early stage. The two front fenders appear original and only a small section in the rear wheel arches was replaced. It was then repainted in original graphite grey color. Rust protection underneath is still moist and healthy.

The bumpers received a new high quality chrome and all other shiny parts on the car are in very good condition.

On the inside, it is the original material on the seats and this still looks like new! Original rubber floor mats. And it has recently received a new headliner and new carpet in the back. All rubber parts and seals have been replaced on all doors, windows etc. New torpedo wall carpet.

The wheels were painted in the exactly right color that was original for the Volvo Amazon and then fitted with the correct tyre size. New springs and shocks.

There is an original Volvo radio on the dash. All in all this car is now probably one of the best Volvo Amazon 122 kombi cars in the market.


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