Franklin Series 153 De Luxe Sedan

For sale: Franklin Series 153 De Luxe 1931

The Franklin Automobile Company made cars in Syracuse USA between 1902-1934. What was unique about these cars was that they were air-cooled! The power is delivered by a six cylinder 4,49l engine developing 100hp.

There were 1800 cars made of this model and only about 115 of these are still around today. The cars were in the same league as Cadillac, Packard and Pierce-Arrow. You can find lots of information about these rare automobiles on the Franklin Clubs website

This car was bought by the present owner in USA and brought to Sweden back in 2003. Overall this car is in very good condition and it had a full restoration back in 1984. Paint is showing a little bit of patina in some places but the car still looks amazing. All the chrome pieces on the car are in perfect condition.

Interior is also in very good condition. Engine had a complete rebuild and has not been used much since.

One of the great things with this car is that the rear end was rebuilt and a gear with higher ratio was used. This makes traveling on the highway less stressful for the engine and saves gasoline.

Franklin cars were notorious for a big play in the steering. However, this particular steering box has been rebuilt by a specialist in USA with parts very hard or impossible to find today. 

Major service/improvements:

1998   78 655 US Miles

  • Brake system entirely rebuilt.  Silicone DOT 5 brake fluid used since.  Brakes are not spongy; not leaking.
  • All wheel bearings (inner & outer) replaced
  • Main engine bearings checked – all OK.  No action necessary.

2003   78 900 US Miles (Just prior to shipping to Sweden)

2004    79 000 US Miles

  • New plugs, points, coil & condenser

2006    79 200 US Miles

  • 4 New Lester tires 

2007    79 350 US Miles

  • Gemmer steering box rebuilt to original specification, but with modern metals.
  • Headlamps and all other lamps replaced with special halogen lamps.  Extra bulbs included.

2011    79 450 US Miles

  • Hasslen (H.H. Franklin Club) high-speed rear-end gears installed.  (Original gears come with the car and are still in excellent condition).  Ratio adapter installed, so speedometer shows correct speed (in mph).  Car “likes” to travel around 45 mph, though it can do 60+mph.
  • Electric fuel pump installed  (Original fuel pump comes with the car, along with rebuilding kit)
  • Headlamp reflectors (interior) re-silvered.


Additional Info

  • This car is now: SOLD
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