Renault Alpine A110 1600S

For sale: Renault Alpine A110 1600SC Berlinette 1971

Ove Andersson won the Monte Carlo Rally in a car like this in 1971. This is a car prepared for race and it has FIA Technical Passport. These cars were produced between 1961-1977 and there were 601 1600cc cars made in 1971 and 1831 cars in total. The total production of the Alpine A110 model is said to be 7500 cars (including all countries). This A110 1600 Alpine was built in France. 

The car is equipped with:

Race seat and harness
Gasoline tank approved for racing
Power switch inside and outside of the car
Wider body to make room for wider Gotti wheels
Tuned engine (181hp)
5 speed Dog ring gearbox

The paint is good, but the rear fenders have been chipped from rocks from the front wheels . It adds to the racecar look! New doorsides inside and new carpets. Original parts have been saved and come with the car.  The delivery of this car was in Sweden 1971-01-01. Including dealership it had 4 owners. (2 users) The last time the car was used was in 2007. It has now had all fluids replaced, valves adjusted, brakes locked over etc and is now ready for driving. Rubber around the doors is also new. The chassi number is 17435.

The car is well documented with invoices, inspection documents and a spare parts cathalog. 

Additional Info

  • This car is now: SOLD
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