Austin Healey 3000 MK1

Austin Healey 3000 MK1 for sale

Yet, another great British sportscar that you do not see too often these days. I just had the pleasure of driving this automobile for nearly 700 troublefree km. And, I can say that these cars are cruising along very nicely in around 100km/h if they have the overdrive gearbox like this one. It makes them a very usable and fun little sportscar.

Even though it does not have that many horsepower on the paper, it has a good torque and you can listen to that raspy exhaust note all day long. It is a real sportscar sound that will make any man turn his head to see what is coming down the road. This Austin Healey is riding on a new set of wire wheels. It has new girling calipers and discs up front. There were only 2825 BN7 (2 seater) cars produced between 1959-1961. This car is in nice condition and ready to drive anywhere. Softtop and side windows comes with the car.

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