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Maserati 3500 GT

Maserati 3500 GT 1961 for sale 

Exterior: There are a few small places where the paint is lifting a little bit, but in overall the car looks good from the outside. The chrome and rubber parts are also in fair condition. There are some deviations from original as you can see inn the pictures. But only a model expert would notice this.

Interior: The leather has an amazing patina in this car! And in the photos from the inside you can see a little of the blue factory colour it was in many years ago.

Engine: The car starts up easily and can be driven on the road. It was not driven much over the last 20 years or so. Before any longer trips, it should be serviced and checked properly.

History: This Maserati was registered in Sweden the first time in July 1977 and has been with the same owner since 1990. If you are interested in buying this car, please send me an e-mail and I can send you more and bigger pictures to give you a full understanding.

Interested? Contact me here

vrijdag, 12 februari 2016 14:34

Jensen Interceptor

Jensen Interceptor III 1974 for sale

Good overall condition and great color combination. 

The Jensen cars are often referred to as the handsome Grand Touring car designed by Italians, with power from America and a luxury inside in U.K. style.

The concept of using a big American engine was also used by other great car builders such as Iso, De Tomaso,  Monteverdi and others. The Jensen cars used the power plant from Chrysler and this series 3 car used the 7,2l unit.

Interior: The original leather is nice and soft. Beige is always tough to keep clean, but a professional leather clean and perhaps paint would make this one look like new again.

Exterior: Wonderful deep burgundy color with a beige vinyl top. It is all in all a very solid car with only a few small bubbles in the paint. The color combination is spot on!

Technical: Engine starts right up with a healthy roar. Automatic transmission shifts normally and brakes feel normal. Overheating is one of the Interceptors Achilles heel so this car has been equipped with an extra radiator.

History: Built and sold new in U.K. in 1974 and came to Sweden in 1985. Past Technical Inspection here in Sweden last year.

As you can see this car is priced to sell! 


woensdag, 12 februari 2014 21:11

Mercedes 280SE Coupe

For sale: Mercedes 280SE Coupe W111

This is the 280SE Coupe W111 with the six cylinder engine. It has a 4 speed manual gearbox. The color on the car is very nice silver with a hint of green (silberdistel) and the leather inside is dark blue.

The interior of the car is all new. The wood was refurbished, the leather and carpets are new and also the headliner. Chrome details around the doors are new and also door and trunk seals.

It has a nice original Becker Mexico radio and an electric sunroof.  Tyres are very good and it recently had a major brake job done. Both calipers in the front were replaced at this time. It also has a new exhaust system.  Drives and stops like a dream. 

This car was sold new to a Director in Stockholm and has had 3 owners until today. It has a great history file with all reciepts collected in a binder. This is a high quality Mercedes Benz!

dinsdag, 18 juni 2013 20:09

Iso Grifo GL 350

For sale: Iso Grifo GL 350 1967

If you are interested in buying a car like this, I assume you already know about the Iso brand and their cars. There were only 413 Iso Grifos built and there were 3 engine variations. A 300hp V8, a 350hp and a 390hp. This car is the 350hp with a 5 speed ZF gearbox from factory. It is a matching numbers car.  The paint is old and worn and in the grill area and left wheel arch it is in black primer. It had the front and the rear end recently rebuilt with new bushings shocks, brakes etc. Tyres are new and the exhaust is new. New carpets with ISO logo. Interior is completely original and looks good. All instruments work. The car passed Technical Control in Sweden (MOT, TUF) in May. Owners and maintenace records is well documented.

History: Acording to chassinumber the car was produced 1967 and the first delivery was to Germany. There is a copy of the German fahrzeugbrief and a sales reciept dated 1977 when Ingvar Malmstroem bought the car for the price of 8000DM and took it to Sweden. First registration in Sweden is 1981 acording to Swedish T.S. But the car was used here from 1977 and was owned by a lady in Malmö and then it was passed between 3 car dealers. A total of 6 owners in Sweden including dealers.

The Iso Grifo is for me one of the best classic sportscars in the world. It has styling that stands out and is admired even by crowds clueless about classic sportscars. It has performance and sound to match the looks without being overly complicated and expensive to maintain. It is big enough to bring a small family and a suitcase for those Grand Touring trips. Driving it is addictive, you want to go a little bit more every time, and it is a car that you can drive long and hard knowing that the likelihood of meeting somebody else with the same car is very small.

Please note, this is a limited time offer. Most of these cars are today toprestored and are very expencive. Here is your chance to buy an excellent driver for a very reasonable price. Ten years ago you could buy a Grifo for 35.000$! Look at what these cars cost today! And where will they be in another ten years? Buy one while you can.

dinsdag, 07 mei 2013 19:08

Volvo P1800 S

Aangeboden: Volvo P1800 S 1965

Een norden auto die gevonden naar Skåne! Heeft dus nooit bijzonder roestige geweest. Drempels en dwarsbalken worden vervangen wanneer de auto werd geschilderd in 1995 in zijn oorspronkelijke rode 46. De auto heeft niet veel uitgerold voor deze renovatie werd gedaan.
Onlangs, de auto is voorzien van nieuwe vloerbedekking, deurpanelen, lederen bekleding op de stoelen, nieuwe Pirelli-band (onder de stoelen) Nieuw tapijt en zijpanelen in de kofferbak. Nieuwe tochtstrips in deuren zijn gemonteerd en de auto heeft gekregen een goede service met nieuwe pennen, schakelaar condensator, olie en filters, alsmede herziening van de remmen.
Originele en functionele Volvo radio en antenne gemonteerd.
De wielen zijn gerenoveerd en kreeg nieuwe banden. De versnellingsbak van de auto op basis van de vorige eigenaar te zijn gloednieuwe ongeveer 600mil terug. Overdrive werkt prima.
De motor voelt levendig en de auto was vorig jaar geïnspecteerd, zo gaat het nog een jaar. Dit is een zeer solide en gezonde Volvo P1800 voor degenen die willen een kant en klare auto lopen in goede staat als het is gewoon niet de sleutel en gaan met.


woensdag, 27 februari 2013 17:59

Iso winter star

Iso Grifo 1970

We have a very long and dark winter here in Sweden, but now in the beginning of March the days are starting to become longer and brighter. Today was one of those days that you are looking forward to all winter long! That is when roads are dry and free from salt and snow and you can take out that classic car you have in the garage for a little ride. Today was a day I will remember and cherish for a long time. 

The Iso Grifo is a fantastic car! There were 413 cars like this built by Renzo Rivolta. The man who started out by building refrigerators and the more humble Isetta. This particular vehicle is a very original car that has been here in Sweden for a long time.  Iso Grifo used Chevrolet Corvette engines and this one has the 350hp with a 5 speed ZF gearbox.

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maandag, 12 december 2011 13:23

Volvo P1800 Jensen

A Volvo P1800 from 1961 for sale

the first year of production. This means the car was built in England at the Jensen factory in West Bromwich. This car was recently rebuilt in body and drivetrain. With the original interior, it is a great looking car and it is rustfree. Correct hubcaps in condition like new are hard to find today. We have installed a nice radio from the 60s after these pictures were taken. Tyres are new and there is a new stainless exhaust that gives this classic coupe a nice sharp sound. The total km is unknown but it has been driven approximately 5000 km after the restoration.

We are located all the way south in Sweden (Malmö) and we could pick you up from Copenhagen airport. We are only 15 minutes away from the ferry to Germany if you would like to drive the car home. Otherwise, transport can be arranged at a very reasonable price (e.g. Frankfurt 600€).

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