Bentley Mulsanne Turbo

For sale: Bentley Mulsanne Turbo 1984 finished in claret with champagne leather interior. Sold new in Sweden and has been here its entire life. It is still in original paint and rust free. Inside, the cream leather is in very good condition and the combination with the maroon (claret) outside is very striking and elegant. Only 84,000km from new with its service book and manuals.
Under the bonnet, you'll find a 6.75 litre V8 engine in normally aspirated and in this car in turbocharged forms. Despite the prodigious body weight, this unit still manages to shift this huge Gentleman's Conveyance at a surprisingly rapid pace. It's rather undignified to drive the car like this of course but for raising eyebrows amongst your fellow road users, you can't beat it. Most of the time, you'll be content to glide from county to county, much as the standard four-speed automatic gearbox slides imperceptibly from ratio to ratio. You can hear the engine all right, but it sounds a bit like a thunderstorm happening fifty miles away.

If you are looking for one of the most luxurious cars from the 80's, the Bentley Mulsanne Turbo should be high on your list. With the incredible power from the engine, it is easy to forget the space and weight this car is pulling. And still those powerful brakes will stop you just as quickly as you took off. Please note that this car is the turbocharged version of Mulsanne and was about £6,000 more expensive from the regular Mulsanne when it was new.

The Mulsanne was discontinued in 1992 with the introduction of the Brooklands. We would like to think you can find a cheaper car than this one, but you will have a hard time finding a better one!


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