BMW 3,0 CSi 1973

BMW 3.0 CSi 1973 in Ceylon for sale

The BMW 3.0 CSi E9 model is such a great car! There is no doubt about what car it is when it comes driving on the road. Like a shark, it is fast, quiet, and still with a good bite if you need it.

Exterior: Painted in 2016 in the original BMW colour “Ceylon” which was the birth colour for this car, and it looks amazing with the black leather inside. Good original chrome. New rubber details. Underneath the car was sandblasted and all details were cleaned and painted. Everything in the engine bay was also refurbished.

Interior: New black leather, the wood was refurbished and looks very nice. Also, new carpet and headliner.

Engine: Has been taken apart, checked and fitted with new gaskets. Cleaned and given the correct finish on the outside. Runs and sounds very nice with a new exhaust.

History: This car was sold new in Sweden and was first registered here in April 1973. It was sitting since 1997 until last year when it was put back on the road. It changed registration 6 times and it looks like there have been 3 users.   

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  • This car is now: SOLD
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