GLAS 1300 GT

GLAS 1300 GT 1965 for sale

The Glas came in production the first time in 1964 and the bodies where design and built by the Italian coachmaker Frua and the shipped for assembly in Germany. In 1964 to 1967 Hans Glas GmbH produced just over 5000 cars like this. Most of these have been eaten by corrosion and any model of Glas is a rare sight on the streets today.

Exterior: No corrosion to be seen on this older paint. Good chrome details and glass and rubber is in good condition. The Frua design is the reason you buy this car! There is nothing out there on the road quite like it and it gets a lot of attention. For some reason a lot of ordinary people are guessing on Porsche!

Interior: Black vinyl interior that is most likely the original one. Since the Glas has a lot of chrome details inside it makes a great contrast towards the black. The interior has some patina, but all functions are there and nothing is broken.

Engine: The 1300cc Glas engine gives you around 75 happy horses! Starts easy and has a healthy sound. Shifting is very easy and makes fun going around town. On these pictures a single carburettor is fitted. But the original twin carburettor and intake manifold is along with the car.

History: Sold new in Sweden 9th of April 1965. Most likely it has travelled only 90.000km. I do not have documentation to support that, but there is indication the car has not been used much at all, and it was with the same owners since 1981. The original owner’s manual is present and some older inspection documents.

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